Resident Evil (2022) ending explained: Is Jade Wesker dead or alive?

Resident Evil is a live-action horror adaptation of the popular video game franchise. Narrating a new storyline, it revolves around Jade and Billie Wesker. The show is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The storyline is divided into two time periods; 2036, fourteen years after the world ended, and 2022, the year that it did.

In 2036, Jade Wesker has been studying ‘zeroes’, the zombies created by the T-Virus that have taken over the world.

When she gets overwhelmed, the militia from Brighton saves her. However, they betray her to the Umbrella corporation and Richard Baxter arrives to catch her.

But she manages to escape, attempting to reach the Brotherhood in Calais. Later, both she and Baxter and captured by an unknown gang and locked in an underground prison.

Finding an interesting Zero that can order the other zombies, Jade takes off her head. She escapes but Baxter loses his life before he can.

An adult Billie, who now works for Umbrella, meets Jade and captures her. She lets her go, claiming that she is dying and their father, Albert Wesker is dead.

Jade returns to her ship where she meets her lover Arjun and daughter Bea. She and doctor Amrita experiment on the zombie’s head and find ways to attract or repel other zombies.

While Amrita suggests they wait to get their hands on a sample zombie to experiment, Jade captures one secretly. While the experiment is working initially, it escapes and kills Amrita.

The Umbrella corporation operatives arrive and capture them all. Billie personally meets Jade and reveals she put a tracker to find the ‘university’ where Jade does her research.

In 2022, Jade and Billie arrive in New Raccoon City with their father, Albert Weske, who works for the Umbrella Corporation. Jade feels bored but Billie is satisfied. Looking to save a rabbit being experimented on, they enter the Umbrella lab without permission.

They accidentally free a dog infected with T-Virus that bites Billie. Albert arrives and takes the blame in their place, but is secretly worried that Billie will catch the T-Virus.

Billie’s health starts deteriorating. Jade seeks some answers and finds Angel Rubi, a journalist who uncovered the secrets of the virus outbreak in old Raccoon City.

Billie somehow survives even after the three-day countdown ends. She and Jade, along with Simon, son of the Umbrella head Evelyn Marcus, uncover Albert’s secrets.

He anticipated Billie becoming a zero and set up a death drop email in case he is captured, keeping equipment for them to escape. He was also storing their blood. If Billie was to transform, he had kept measures ready to capture her.

Albert arrives and the two capture him, seeking answers. He reveals that Umbrella has their eyes on them. He wants to end Angel Rubio, who has been captured by Evelyn, to keep his daughters safe.

However, he is captured as well and it revealed that Albert is a clone. His clone, Bert, is sent to the kids and they end up taken captive.

Resident evil ending explained in detail:

Why does Albert take Billie and Jade’s blood?

In 2022, after the two girls are captured, Evelyn brings them to their father, who is clearly suffering. She reveals some startling facts.

The original Albert Wesker created his genius clones for research but accelerated their ageing process making them turn 20 within six months after being born.

As a result, he needed to inject blood with strong genetics. He engineered the DNA of his two daughters before they were born to make them stronger than average human beings.

Right in front of their eyes, she takes their blood and he has no choice but to inject and survive. Billie and Jade are hurt by the actions and lies of their father.

Is Billie immune to the T-Virus?

While Billie survived in the past even after contracting the T-Virus, she reveals to Jade in 2036 that it does affect her, but slowly.

However, while her blood is bad, Jade’s is still good. She used her blood to recover, which worked perfectly.

In 2022, Billie is captured by Evelyn, who promises to cure her. While there are no signs of mutations, they keep experimenting on her, making her condition worse.

Jade and Simon arrive to save her. The two, Billie, Bert and Albert try to make their escape but Billie loses control again, indicating that the T-Virus does affect her but differently,

Why does Evelyn kill Simon?

Due to the effect of the T-Virus and loss of control, Billie ends up biting Simon, making him a recipient of the T-Virus as well.

Looking at him, Evelyn is left distraught. Albert tries to offer her hope by claiming he can save him if she lets his daughters go.

However, she does not believe he can be saved and shoots him in the eye, killing him. She wanted to save him from turning into a monster.

Why does the crocodile not attack Bea?

In 2030, Jade and Amrita figured out a way to control animals with the T-Virus and Jade wanted to go bigger.

In 2036, overwhelmed by the Umbrella attack, she and the university unleash a giant infected crocodile that fends off the enemies.

But Arjun and Jade realise that Bea is still on the island and they rush after her. Arjun is injured and his fate is unclear.

When the crocodile approaches Bea, it calms down. Billie arrives with forces and kills it, greeting Jade, who also came, and her daughter.

She witnessed the incident and figured out that Jade used some kind of genetic modification on Bea to protect her against zeroes.

What is the fate of Jade at the end of Resident Evil?

In 2036, Billie shoots Jade and leaves her to die. She takes Bea away as she believes she wants to research how she stopped the crocodile.

But after she leaves, Jade manages to survive and get back up with the clear intent of stopping her sister and saving her daughter.

In 2022, Albert sacrifices himself to help Bert, Billie and Jade escape. Jade is unable to warm up to Billie after Simon’s death.

The three leave the new Raccoon City as Albert left them a note to find Ada Wong in Japan; a character who features in the video game franchise as well.

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