Regina Jackson: Silo character explained

In Silo, Regina Jackson is the ex-girlfriend of George Wilkins. She got into buying relics for him. Sonita Henry plays Regina.

An investigation into Trumbull and Wilkins’ deaths is reopened when Juliette and Billings discover a relic at Trumbull’s house. The information on this relic was not available in Silo’s database. Juliette asks Kennedy for the name of a relic dealer, and he gives her the name of Regina Jackson.

Regina Jackson immediately recognizes the watch on Juliette’s wrist when she first meets her and Billings. She reveals that the watch belongs to her ex-boyfriend, who is none other than George Wilkins.

Regina confesses that she has no relics in her possession. If she ever had a relic, she bought it for George. She is not a relic dealer. George used her because she comes from a big family, which can justify why they buy so many relics.

Regina and George’s relationship

Regina discloses that her relationship with George wasn’t sanctioned. According to her, George doesn’t spend forever with anyone. Once George’s job with her was done, he left her and went down to Mechanical to explore the “big questions”.

Regina assumes that he went in pursuit of someone else who can help him now that he no longer needs her. Having a relationship with George cost her the relationship she has with her family members. She got isolated by them, while George got what he wanted.

The man Regina fears

After hearing what Regina had to say about George, Juliette started having second thoughts about pursuing this investigation. She eventually confronted Regina again and accused her of ratting George out to the Judicial.

Regina then reveals that she didn’t tell Judicial anything. She talked to the man who knows everything. He only comes at night. He once showed up in her bedroom while the lamp was unplugged.

He demanded the names of all the relic dealers. For every question she didn’t answer, he threatened to kill her family members. Somehow, this man knew everyone Regina met throughout the day.

Regina Jackson: Silo character explained 1
Regina hands Juliette a relic

Out of fear, Regina gave him all the names, including George’s, because he didn’t care about her. She also likes to think that he died because he didn’t give up the hard drive she got for him.

In exchange for that hard drive, George had given her a relic passed down to him by his family. It is a relic from before the Silo. Regina hands it to Juliette and warns her not to make noise about it because this relic will get her killed.

Juliette opens the relic at her house. It is a book named Amazing Adventures in Georgia. It mentions various destinations and has pictures of some beautiful locations from the outside world. Juliette goes through the book, unaware that someone is watching her.

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