Red, White & Royal Blue summary and ending explained

Prime Video’s Red, White & Royal Blue follows Britain’s Prince Henry and US President’s son Alex going from a years-long feud to falling for each other, as socio-political elements stand in their way of love.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

At the wedding of Prince Phillip and Lady Martha, US President Ellen Claremont’s son Alex and Prince Henry have a run-in. An already existing tiff between the two leads to a disaster where both of them fall down and the extravagant wedding cake with them.

This incident causes the US-UK relations to destabilize as Alex is told that he’s to help improve the relations again and do several press appearances with Prince Henry, pretending to have been great friends with him all this time.

Henry thinks Alex is vexing and the latter thinks that the other one is very snobbish and rude, and basically started to dislike him after he first stumbled upon him at the Climate Conference party Henry paid little attention to him before walking out of the party.

After their press day, they confront each other and Henry reveals his father’s death to be the reason he behaved the way he did. Alex understands and the two finally patch up. And so begins a bromance that lasts a long time before the two meet again at the New Year’s Party.

Seeing two girls kiss Alex makes Henry sad and he walks out in the freezing cold. Alex follows and asks if he’s done something wrong. Wasting no time, Henry plants a kiss on his lips, before composing himself, apologizing, and leaving.

He begins ghosting Alex and the latter worries about it. He then arranges for a private meeting between him and Henry at the Prime Minister’s dinner. Henry apologizes again for his behavior but Alex pulls him closer and kisses him. Thus begins their relationship that only a few know about.

They have multiple escapades and steamy sessions and Alex finds himself falling in love with Henry, but the latter grows cold feet since as a Prince he doesn’t have the liberty to be open about his homosexuality. He starts ghosting Alex again, who runs off to confront him.

He manages to win over Henry and the latter asks for some time before he’s brave enough for their love. However, before that happens, their emails are leaked online and in the media, and a controversy emerges.

The two eventually go and meet the King together, who asks Henry to uphold the royal traditional image instead of publically embracing his queerness and relationship with Alex.

However, a crowd of several thousand LGBTQ+ supporters gathered outside Buckingham Palace gives Henry the power and clarity to make a decision, and he chooses his identity and love for Alex. Red, White & Royal Blue ends with Ellen Claremont winning the election.

Red, White & Royal Blue ending explained in detail:

Who leaks the emails?

Henry and Alex have just spent a romantic night together at the museum, with the prince promising the latter that he’ll work on being brave enough to be public with their love.

He bids farewell to Alex until at least the election is over. However, the very next day all their romantic and saucy emails are leaked to Reddit and soon to the media at large.

It’s revealed that Miguel Romos, the Politico reporter who Alex hooked up with once, is the one who leaks their private emails to Reddit and then publishes an extensive article just a couple of hours after that, something that a news anchor points out to him as being very suspicious.

Early on in Red, White & Royal Blue, Miguel hits on Alex and expresses interest in them hooking up again, but Alex isn’t interested and turns him down. Later on, Ramos inquires Alex about his Texas campaign memo while he’s distracted looking for Henry at the PM’s dinner.

Ramos later publishes Alex’s Texas campaign memo and he has to hear about it from his mother. Alex later lashes out at Ramos for publishing the article and makes it known that his chances with him are non-existent.

Moments later, he’s visited by Henry, which Ramos spots. Later on, Ramos leaks the emails and gets on the scoop before others, while it’s clearly implied that he did out of his jealousy.

Who wins the US elections?

Alex’s mother, US President Ellen Claremont wins the election and gets re-elected into office. The journey to victory is a difficult one, though.

She faces tough competition from her Republican rival and falls behind in terms of votes by a thin margin. At the end of Red, White & Royal Blue, she is preparing her secession speech.

Everything hinges on Texas, her home ground that Alex was the one to suggest they focus on. His campaign memo was eventually read by Ellen who found it really great, following which she sent him to Texas to work on the campaign.

Alex worked hard the campaign ends up working in their favor, as they win Texas and with that, the US election. The film ends with Ellen’s victory speech in which she talks about the importance of election for every demographic.

Do Alex & Henry end up together?

Yes, Alex and Henry are together at the end of Red, White & Royal Blue. They start their romance with a feud that sparked when they first stumbled upon each other.

Henry had just lost his father and as a result, he became rather socially reclusive. A rather abrupt and rude walk out on Alex left the first son with a rather wrong impression of the prince.

He disliked him ever since and found him to be very snobbish and rude, while Henry thought Alex was the most irritating person on Earth. However, both have admired each other all this time that they mask with their silly feud. They eventually reconcile and become great friends.

The friendship soon turns to something more intimate and they begin hooking up. However, Henry makes it clear that he can only enter casual flings as homosexuality as a Prince of Britain is something he can’t openly embrace.

When Alex falls in love with him, Henry walks out before the former can confess or propose. Alex later flies to the UK after being ghosted by Henry and confronts the prince, who’s upset he’s there and says he’s not like the first son who has a loving and supporting family.

Alex manages to win his heart again and the two slow dance at the museum, before Henry promises Alex that he’ll be brave soon and make their love public. Soon their emails are leaked and it births a controversy. Alex addresses the situation and delivers a powerful speech.

The two later meet the King who acknowledges that Henry’s love is genuine and yet insists that he upholds the royal traditional image rather than openly embrace his homosexuality.

However, thousands of LGBTQ+ supporters gathered outside the palace encourage and empower Henry to accept his identity and his queer love, as the two love birds finally come out into the public eye, together.

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