Rebel Moon — Part Two: The Scargiver summary and ending explained

In Rebel Moon — Part Two: The Scargiver, the rebels face Admiral Noble on Veldt, forming strong bonds and making sacrifices in the process. The film is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

As Admiral Noble’s body heals and he gains consciousness, he orders his second-in-command, Cassius, to set course for Veldt, where Kora and the rebels are. 

Kora, who is nicknamed the Scargiver, has left Noble with a scar that his medical team cannot heal. Noble is now intent on bringing Kora to Balisarius.

Meanwhile, Kora and the rebels are welcomed on Veldt like warriors, only for Aris to inform them that they are not yet safe from Noble’s forces. 

They have only five days before his forces arrive, leading Titus to convince the villagers of Veldt to help the rebels defend their home.

Titus quits drinking and plans to use the grain that the Motherworld needs as a bargaining chip as well as a shield. 

The villagers will harvest it and bring it into the village to deter the enemy from shooting at the village from orbit. 

The villagers work with the rebels to harvest the grain, train, and arm themselves to fight Noble’s forces. The rebels are honored and accepted by them.

Kora reveals to her lover, Gunnar, how she ended up becoming the most wanted criminal in the known universe.

Under the influence of Princess Issa, the King had decided to bring an end to the age of expansion, but Balisarius disapproved of that decision. 

He planned to assassinate the royal family. Believing that Balisarius would protect her, Kora followed his orders and killed Princess Issa. 

However, Balisarius ended up framing Kora, whose real name is Arthelais, for the assassination of the royal family, forcing her to flee.

On the night before the rebels are set to face Noble’s forces, Titus encourages the group to share their past with each other, believing it to be important to know their comrades. 

Everyone reveals how they ended up becoming rebels, but Kora refrains from confiding in them about her past the way she had with Gunnar.

The next day, Noble reaches Veldt and speaks to Kora before the battle starts. He tells Kora that he knows where the villagers are hiding the women, children, and elderly. 

He has already sent a unit to attack them. Noble asks Kora to choose between her life and the lives of the villagers.

Kora, who had earlier been warned by James that she could not win, decides to sacrifice herself and go with Noble instead of fighting him. 

Gunnar, refusing to let Kora surrender, gives the signal to commence the attack, and the battle between the rebel army and Noble’s forces begins.

Ending explained:

Crossing into enemy territory

The villagers fight bravely, but they do not stand a chance against Noble and his soldiers. Even Nemesis loses her life while protecting the villagers.

At the same time, Kora and Gunnar begin executing their plan. They had earlier repaired the ship on which Kora had arrived at Veldt. 

Now, Kora and Gunnar use the ship to infiltrate the enemy lines. Once they are on Noble’s ship, they set their plan into motion.

Kora goes to the engine room and plants explosives, but she is spotted by the enemy. As a result, Noble discovers that Kora is on the ship.

Noble decides to abandon the fight and take Kora to Balisarius. Now that he has Kora, he no longer cares about the grain. 

He asks Cassius to fire at the village, even if that means destroying the grain and killing his own soldiers who are fighting the villagers.

Noble versus Kora

The villagers and the rebels struggle to stand their ground against Noble’s war machines. Fortunately, James comes to their defense and destroys the machines.

Furthermore, just as Noble’s soldiers are about to shoot at the village, Kora’s explosives go off, damaging Noble’s ship.

At the same time, Noble looks for Kora on his ship to prevent her from escaping with Gunnar. Noble finds her, and Gunnar tries to protect her but gets shot in the process.

Noble then fights Kora as his ship goes down. He comes close to killing her, but Gunnar comes to the rescue at the right time, allowing Kora to decapitate Noble.

Kora and Gunnar somehow make it out of Noble’s crashing ship, only for Gunnar to die in Kora’s arms after confessing his love for her.

Kora’s resolve

Devra Bloodaxe arrives at Veldt with the entire rebel fleet to support Kora’s army. They fire at the retreating ships, killing all of Noble’s soldiers.

The rebels win the battle, but their victory comes at the cost of many lives. As they honor their dead, Kora confesses to everyone about not being honest. 

She reveals her real name as well as the fact that she killed Princess Issa. It turns out that Titus knew about Kora’s past all along.

Titus informs Kora that she did not succeed in killing Princess Issa; she is still alive. He tells Kora that she must continue fighting and find Princess Issa.

The rebels, including Devra Bloodaxe, promise to stand by Kora’s side if she chooses to fight, strengthening Kora’s resolve to find Princess Issa.

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