Ream Stream: T・P BON character explained

Ream Stream, voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki, is a Time Patrol agent who becomes Bon’s instructor after he joins Time Patrol. 

Ream is an agent in the Rescue Unit of the Time Patrol. She works with a creature called Buyoyon. One day, Bon accidentally witnesses her time-traveling. 

Initially, Ream is instructed to erase Bon since he now knows secrets that he shouldn’t. However, it turns out that Bon is historically relevant. 

It is then decided that Bon will become a Time Patrol apprentice. He will accompany Ream on various missions and learn from her.

Ream as an instructor and agent

Ream is not from the same time period as Bon. While she is also a middle schooler like Bon, she is an American who comes from the year 2056. 

None of Ream’s friends or family members know about her time-traveling adventures. To them, Ream is an ordinary student.

Ream is quick to come up with ideas and solutions that she employs on her missions to save people. 

She shows Bon the ropes of being a Time Patrol agent and takes the lead on most of their missions because she knows a lot more than Bon. 

Being more experienced, Ream remembers all the time-traveling rules they are supposed to follow and understands their importance. 

She often has to remind Bon, who can be very irresponsible, of the rules he keeps forgetting. It is Ream who helps him grasp the importance of these rules.

However, that does not mean that Ream does not make mistakes. There are times when she is just as reckless as Bon. 

It was because of her mistake that Bon became aware of time-traveling. Sometimes, Ream’s mistakes, such as forgetting her Time Controller, threaten the success of their mission.

Despite her shortcomings, Ream is a good instructor to Bon, and as a team, they succeed in all their missions. 

Ream even takes Bon on vacation and makes all the arrangements to ensure that Bon enjoys his vacation.

T・P BON Ream Stream
Ream takes Bon on vacation to the Late Jurassic Period

Joining the Anomaly Handling Unit 

With time, Ream and Bon become good friends, which is why Ream feels guilty when she involves Bon in a dangerous mission. 

Bon and Ream get stranded in the future, and Ream blames herself for putting Bon in danger despite knowing the risks of going after a time-tripper. 

What adds to her regret about bringing Bon along is the fact that her mentor, who was very close to Ream, got lost on a similar mission. 

Ream’s mentor has yet to be found. Ream hopes to find her one day, which is why she is still working as a Time Patrol agent.

Once Ream and Bon are rescued, Ream tells Bon that she is leaving the Rescue Unit; she is getting transferred to the Anomaly Handling Unit just like her mentor. 

Ream’s transfer means that Bon will become an official Time Patrol agent, and he will no longer be working with Ream as a team.

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