Raising Dion season 2 summary and ending explained

Raising Dion season 2 talks about Nicole Reese and her now 10-year-old son Dion’s ongoing attempts to balance normal life with supernatural events.


After the huge fight with the Crooked Man, it’s been two years. Brayden Mills, down at the arcade, approaches the cashier with a stack of tickets. Before walking away, he uses his newly gained skills to persuade her to award him the top prize.

Dion begins cleaning up the area in Atlanta, one group of bullies at a moment.  Nicole drives Dion to school after being offered a spot on the board, after a brief discussion of his extracurricular activities.

A sinkhole has emerged in the field at school. When Brayden shows up as a new student, though, things take an ugly turn.

David Marsh, the VP of Operations is ever-so-slightly sceptical. He tries to ask Suzanne out on a date but it doesn’t go as planned, but it does open up the possibility of learning more about the sinkholes.

Dion returns home that night but he forgets his phone, which he left at BIONA. He teleports to the building and finds it on the bench, believing he can get there and back before Nicole notices. He also hears footsteps echoing across the floor, which is unfortunate.

Flowers bloom as we approach the sinkhole, prompting bizarre fluorescent bugs to attack one of the security guards.

Pat was watching the big fight on TV. After the Crooked Energy vanished, he reappeared for no apparent reason. He was dead one minute and alive the next.

Brayden continues to look Dion in the eyes in school. The Crooked Man comes near to attacking Dion in the corridor, but he is unable to do so for some reason.

Kat returns home and begins living with Nicole. Knowing there’s more going on between them, she encourages her sister to get Tevin’s phone number.

Dion is at school, distracted by Brayden and how he, too, possesses supernatural abilities. Outside, they talk about it openly, but Brayden is a terrible influence, encouraging Dion to skip class as well.

Meanwhile, Gary, who is heavily infected, walks over to the sinkhole and appears to turn into something considerably more horrible.

Nicole and Tevin, on the other hand, continue to get closer. The two hang out together, with Kat acting as their cheerleader.

With a soil sample from the sinkhole, David visits Pat in confidence. It looks that it is still charged with Pat’s DNA bits.

David leads him to the sinkhole where Pat gets a sense of what’s going on. The Crooked Man is enraged, and he is no longer hiding.

Nicole shows up and manages to stop Dion from blasting Pat with his powers, resulting in a large standoff right beside the sinkhole. Dion soon returns, telling what he had seen earlier with the flowers and the unusual events down under the sinkhole.

While all is going on, Esperanza overcomes her anxiety and auditions for the school. She also gets it right the second time around.

Suzanne, on the other hand, is taking dramatic measures at BIONA, deciding to send a team down to the sinkhole to destroy and burn whatever is down there.

Nicole tells Dion a falsehood about the scratch when he inquiries about it.

As they converse, David reveals that this pit is filled with Crooked Man energy.

Janelle loses control of her powers at BIONA, prompting the arrival of armed guards with rifles.

Brayden tries to persuade Dion to do what he wants, and even gets a barking dog to double over and become calm. And it’s only now that Dion knows the kid is a disaster. Finally.

While Kat picks up Dion and drives him home, Nicole is quarantined at BIONA.

Pat reveals in the lab that he plans to use Dion’s DNA to try to create a cure.

Janelle, on the other hand, uses her abilities to rush into the lab and extract the various components of the concoction.

Meanwhile, Aunt Kat and Tevin take Dion out into the woods for some peace and quiet. However, while Tevin and Dion are playing tag, Brayden is across the pond, watching them from afar.

Esperanza, on the other hand, quickly calls, saying that she’s having problems with her performance and asking for some support. Dion, of course, states exactly what is needed to assist.

Dion loses his mind, Brayden flees, and Tevin and Dion try to catch up with him. The boy, however, is too swift and manages to flee in a car.

Suzanne, on the other hand, arrives with awful news. Nicole will be entirely transformed in less than two days.

Nicole tells Kat about her condition when she returns home. Nicole refuses to use Dion’s healing abilities to try to cure her since she believes he isn’t strong enough.

In the meantime, the SWAT squad is on the lookout for Brayden. He’s not in the home, though; instead, he’s hiding out near the shed.

Nicole and Dion spend their final day together preparing pancakes. Before heading out on an unplanned date with Tevin, she also assists Esperanza with her song.

Suzanne and the others dashed into the cell, where they discovered Pat lying motionless on the floor.

Pat is taken to surgery after Suzanne detects froth colouring his mouth from using the serum.

Nicole goes backstage to meet up with his son while she’s gone. When Brayden sees him outside, he requests that they meet on the football field.

Dion ultimately reveals her feelings for Brayden, and the two plan to confront him together.

Esperanza is in charge of keeping everyone entertained inside, and she does so by singing her heart out.

Raising Dion season 2 ending explained in detail:

Wonderous new capabilities

Doctors at the hospital are battling to save Pat’s life. It comes out that the Powered DNA is fighting for dominance, and he could be on the verge of dying. David, on the other hand, is unconcerned about Pat and is more concerned with the outcome of the DNA test once everything has calmed down.

He takes desperate measures after being rejected by the board, and when Pat passes away, he arranges for samples to be extracted from his body.

Pat awakens inexplicably after some time has passed. It turns out he can repair himself. With electrical abilities and a large chip implanted in his shoulder, he lashes out at Suzanne for imprisoning and betraying him. Pat also possesses telekinesis and explosive talents, which he employs to flee BIONA.

A battle for the ages

Dion and Nicole approach Brayden outside on the field. Tevin joins them, and he manages to keep the creatures at bay with his forcefield. A blazing bright light appears in the sky and flows down to the ground. It’s Janelle on the other end of the line who manages to materialise and dematerialize her cells and aids in the battle’s victory.

Brayden continues to deceive Dion, causing him to lose his cool. Brayden has his infected hold everyone down because he can read his thoughts. He prepares to deliver the deadly blow, electrifying sparks erupting from his fingers. Nicole, on the other hand, is the one who can persuade him to change his mind.

Nicole exposes details about his history, including Brayden’s mother and her feelings for him. The Crooked Energy creeps away from him and into the Sinkhole as he steps forward to embrace Nicole.

Brayden verifies that the Crooked Energy is on its way to create more infections as he recovers from his injuries. Because the flowers are the source of the illness, the gang reasoned that injecting the serum into the flower, which is the source of it all, would end the infection.

Dion takes the serum and enters the sinkhole by himself, ready to inject the flowers. Crooked Energy is still circulating in the atmosphere. Dion, on the other hand, does not let this deter him and injects the flower, which cures every one of their sicknesses. Thankfully, they finish everything just in time for Esperanza’s major singing moment. After saving the day, the gang gathers around her as she sings.

A tense but promising future

The genuine Crooked Energy, on the other hand, is with Pat. David’s attempts to persuade him to join his cause and profit from the Powered serum are futile. Pat is once again filled with the black energy, and the Crooked Man reappears for good. Regrettably, this appears to be poor news for everyone.

Nicole isn’t going to die after all, which puts an end to her video message for Dion and a lot of the drama from the previous several episodes. Kat is still determined to undo Pat’s abilities, and she’s enlisting the help of BIONA to do so.

Nicole encourages Dion to use his abilities as well, allowing him to mature while Pat’s whereabouts remain unclear.

We jump forward in time to discover a much older Pat with an army ready to follow him just outside Atlanta. It’s implied that they all have abilities as well, but the photos we have aren’t clear on that.

When a hero named Mind Mover appears, he decides to stop them. And, given the costume’s resemblance to what he’s been sketching, this appears to be a much-older Dion.

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