Chosen (2022) summary and ending explained

When a meteor falls on a town, Emma, a young girl realizes that the world is not as safe as she had imagined and attempts to find the truth. Her world is flipped upside down when everything she thought she knew turns out to be false.


A meteor crashes in the town and Hans, the first person to see it, thinks he might make a fortune off of it.

Emma, a little girl, has her suspicions and wants to find the truth. She encounters a group of young people who are also attempting to figure out what is going on. Because one of their science teachers, Hans, was present when the “so-called” meteor hit the town, Emma and Marie spy on him.

They decide to draw Hans out of the house while waiting in the car outside his house so Emma may sneak inside and seek the secret room.

Hans, on the other hand, returns and notices her peering into the purple-lit room. He invites her in and inquires if she is alone. Andrea rings the doorbell, and when no one responds, she leaves.

The mystery man from the spaceship arrives at Hans’s house and saves Emma’s life. The mystery man appears to be an alien from another planet, who has assumed the guise of a human and arrived on Earth in search of something.

When Frederik goes to examine the sawmill, Marie reminds Emma that she needs to gently let Frederik down given their relationship. Emma refuses Marie as she leans in for a kiss and sneaks out of the car, planning to find Frederik.

Marie is alone when she is approached by a strange woman who tells her she must exit the vehicle since she is on private property. Emma discovers a large ball covered in a tarp as she walks into the barn alone. Hans’ body, which appears to be connected to this item, is found on the ground.

Emma’s mother was given a new identity in the past. She’d been given the name Lykke and with her papers in hand, she’s off to start a new life.

Meanwhile, Emma and Lukas set out to find John together. They eventually find his camper van, where the two pretend to be family members. They’re granted access and told to snoop around with this information. Emma is able to obtain a prescription, but there isn’t much additional information available.

John Dinckler happens to be walking through the diner where they’re both sitting. Emma sneaks outside while she’s distracted getting a drink. She discovers Lukas and another man unconscious on the floor.

Emma returns Lukas to his house and utilises bright lights to help him regain his strength. She discovers that the drugs she’s taking are linked to John’s prescriptions, leading her back to Susan.

Thomas ultimately reaches out to Mads and takes him back to the docks, where he discloses everything. Astraeus is an organisation dedicated to the search for alien life. They aspire to be the link between the universe and the planet.

Emma wastes no time and enters Susan’s clinic. She staged a break-in after stealing several for herself. The samples appear to be Hans’ blood, as well as the blood of several other persons who have died.

Emma, of course, has already deduced the truth and returns home to confront Lykke. She explains that her biological mother died and that she was handed to Lykke as a baby to care for.

Adrian, pretending to have been dispatched by Lykke, meets with Emma. He explains how the aliens were escaping from a species that was attempting to eliminate them.

Lykke was a human being precisely where they crashed and she is the only reason Emma survived the disaster because her original mother did not. Her human form has been maintained thanks to the medicines she has been taking.

Chosen ending explained in detail:

Emma’s real identity

Lukas assists Emma and defends her from Astraeus’ assassins. When Lukas discovers Emma is concealing something, he questions her, and she responds that her mother knows everything. Emma contacts her mother and invites her to meet her at a restaurant to discuss. When she arrives, however, her mother is not there, but a middle-aged man approaches her table and begins a conversation with her.

He demonstrates how she arrived here and informs her that she is one of them, i.e., an alien. She also learns more about her biological mother, who died, and how Lykke came into her life. Lykke was told to look after her until the battle on their planet was done.

Emma is surprised to learn that her mother is a part of the mystery. Lykke and Susan, on the other hand, talk about the barn and how Emma spent the night there the night before. They are concerned that Emma will expose them all.

Emma feels betrayed and returns home, where she confronts her mother about the unexpected turn of events. Emma spirals as she realises her entire life has been a lie.


Lukas is nowhere to be seen in the warehouse. Instead, armed guards and Emma’s boss from Astraeus arrive. Emma is apprehended, but as she walks away, bodies begin to fall from the roof.

Lukas, who is bloodstained and has left an absolute bloodbath in his path, kills every one of the men and women. She notices Mads sitting in his car, terrified, but she ignores him and goes back in the car with this mass murderer without blinking.

Thomas arrives at the crime site, where Mads is still horrified in his automobile. Thomas encourages him to stay focused on the game and assigns him the duty of finding Emma. He calls Frederik, who pretends to be Emma and states she isn’t there. She is, though, as we discover, and she persuades him to help her cover her tracks.

Mads is tricked by Frederik, who acts as a stooge, allowing her to flee to Mamma Thai’s restaurant. She sees Adrian there, who confirms Lykke’s use of the “Mom veto”.

The ultimate goal

Emma arrives at a location where she could view the spaceship and it is discovered that she is not alone in the town. They were ready to return home and as Emma got closer, the spaceship disintegrates.

Adrian informs her as she takes a step forward that there are more, and she needs to locate them. The sphere disintegrates instantly and Lukas arrives, snapping Adrian’s neck.

As Emma flees, the sky turns purple, and she finds herself in the same bizarre place she was when she spoke with Adrian.

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