Rahi Gambhir: Citadel character explained

In Citadel, Carter believes that Nadia is the double agent who was working for Manticore because she was living with a terrorist named Rahi Gambhir a few days prior to Citadel’s fall. Paul Bazely plays the role of Rahi Gambhir.

When Nadia and Mason come to rescue Carter from Manticore’s black site, he accuses Nadia of betraying Citadel, as she had left Tier-One to live off-grid with Rahi Gambhir, a known criminal and terrorist. 

Tired of Carter’s accusations and Mason’s questions, Nadia decides to tell them the truth about what happened years ago.

Why was Nadia living with Rahi Gambhir?

In the past, when Nadia found out that Mason lied to her and backstopped an innocent Celeste, who was Nadia’s trusted friend, she contacted Rahi Gambhir, not to tell him about Celeste but about a personal matter.

Nadia was pregnant with Mason’s child, but she did not want to tell Mason about it because she no longer trusted him after what he did to Celeste. She even broke up with him. 

To keep this from him, she needed to leave Citadel before her secret got out. She contacted her father, who is none other than Rahi Gambhir. She knew that he would be able to get her to Valencia without anyone finding out.

Nadia managed to leave Tier-One undetected and lived in Valencia with her father. Rahi took care of Nadia throughout her pregnancy and was there for her when her daughter, Asha, was born.

A year after Nadia’s disappearance, Mason found her whereabouts, and Grace contacted her regarding a mission. Nadia agreed to go on the mission because she changed her mind and thought that Mason deserved to know about Asha.

Rahi tried to stop her from going, but Nadia assured him that she will be back soon and that he will be fine with Asha. However, the mission went wrong and Nadia lost her memories, which prevented her from returning to her father and daughter for eight years.

Citadel Rahi Gambhir
Nadia leaves her daughter with Rahi

Years later, after regaining her memories, Nadia contacts her father. They talk about Asha without mentioning her name. Rahi is still taking care of Asha and tells Nadia that Asha is waiting for her. 

However, Manticore intercepts this communication, and Davik is sent to Valencia to kidnap Asha. Davik gets to Asha and Rahi before Nadia, which puts them in danger, something that Nadia has been trying to avoid even before Asha was born.

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