Abby: Citadel character explained

In Citadel, Abby, whose real name is Celeste, is Mason’s wife, but he is unaware that her past is linked to his as well as Nadia’s past. Ashleigh Cummings plays the role of Abby or Celeste.

When Mason loses all his memories after being backstopped, he starts living as Kyle Conroy. He marries a woman named Abby and even has a daughter with her.

Mason’s life changes completely when Bernard finds him and kidnaps him, Abby, and their daughter. He tells Mason about his past, and Mason agrees to join him to secure the Citadel X Case.

Abby does not believe everything that Bernard tells them, but she reluctantly parts with her husband when he makes up his mind to help Bernard. Mason promises to come back to her and their daughter once he gets the case back. 

However, there is something that Bernard does not tell Mason and Abby. He wishes to tell them, as he believes Abby deserves to know, but Bernard’s wife, Joe, stops him. Bernard and Joe know a lot more about Mason and Abby’s past than they themselves do.

Abby’s real identity

Abby’s real name is Celeste Graham, and like Mason, she was also a Tier-One Citadel spy ten years ago. She used to work for Nadia on the Bravo team before Nadia brought her to work with Mason and her.

When Celeste becomes a Tier-One spy, it is revealed that she is very close to her brother, David. The siblings were abused by their stepfather when they were young, and David always tried to protect her, even if that meant getting hurt himself.

As an adult, David now has a serious gambling problem and is in debt. He might even lose his life if he does not repay his debts. Celeste sends him money every month and checks up on him frequently.

Nadia trusts Celeste, as she saved Nadia’s life once. Celeste’s first mission as Tier-One is to go undercover, and Nadia thinks Celeste is ready for it, but Mason disagrees. 

Celeste needs to make Anders, one of the Silje brothers, fall in love with her in order to get her hands on the Oz Key, a dangerous device created by him. As Celeste is smart and has a twin brother like Anders, Nadia thinks she is perfect for the job.

The mission that changed everything

Eventually, Mason agrees to send Celeste undercover. He tells her to disappear and adopt a different identity; Celeste adopts the identity of a woman named Brielle. He also tells her that she needs to love Anders to make her lie believable and that she herself needs to believe in her lies.

Mason wants her to check in with him every week to be reminded of her purpose. As per their plan, Celeste meets Anders in a bar. She spends more and more time with him and starts pretending to be in love with him to get close to the Oz Key.

Citadel Abby
Celeste pretends to be in love with Anders

However, when Mason does not hear from her in months, he decides to send in the ops team, which would ruin her mission. At the same time, Celeste steals the Oz Key. Anders’ brother, Davik, catches her in the act, but she is able to defeat him.

When her mission ends because of Mason’s actions, the Oz Key is nowhere to be found, and Mason suspects Celeste. He thinks that Celeste stole the Oz Key and sold it to save her brother’s life.

Citadel Abby
Mason interrogates Celeste

Mason interrogates Celeste and even threatens to kill her brother, but that does not help. Mason then convinces their director to backstop Celeste, even though the safety measures of the procedure have not been approved yet. 

Although he reassures the director that they can reactivate her memories if she is proven innocent, he asks Bernard to destroy her vial, which will prevent her from ever regaining her memories.

He then lies to Celeste and convinces her that they are relocating her to a safe house and changing her identity through a procedure to keep her and her brother safe from Davik. Celeste agrees to undergo this procedure, not knowing that she will be losing her memories permanently.

Mason knows that Celeste is innocent, but he still does all this because he suspects that Nadia might be the real mole, and Celeste could be a threat to Nadia. He is in love with Nadia, so he makes Celeste take the fall to protect Nadia.

Celeste is then made to believe that she was in a bad car accident. She tells Joe that she does not remember anything because she suffered a traumatic brain injury. She used to take memory therapy, where she met Mason, who had also lost his memories by that time.

Mason and Abby are happily married now, but their past is bound to affect their present. Bernard told Anders that the woman he loved, Brielle or Celeste, is still alive and is living as Abby, Mason’s wife. 

Additionally, Mason and Nadia find Carter, who knows everything, so it is only a matter of time before Mason and Abby’s past disrupts their present.

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