Quentin Devereaux: The Afterparty season 2 character explained

In The Afterparty season 2, Quentin Devereaux is a psychiatrist Danner falls for. She blunders during a case because of him, which soon makes her quit her job. Michael Ealy plays Quentin.

As a psychiatrist, Quentin Devereaux is an expert in curing malicious behavior, including violence, sexual deviance, and pyromania. He is also the author of two books, Controlled Burn and The Smoky Mirror.

Danner meets Quentin to question him about one of his patients, Leonard Vurr, who is a convicted arsonist and suspect in a series of fires.

Danner knows Leonard is not the criminal here, but she still wanted to understand the mind of an arsonist to solve this case, and Quentin, who specializes in such patients, can help her.

When Danner asks him about being a specialist in deviant behavior, Quentin corrects her by stating that he specializes in passion. The reason a man like Leonard can afford Quentin is that his abilities as a psychiatrist allow him to take on a wide range of clients, and he also likes to work pro bono.

Quentin and Danner’s relationship

Quentin and Danner develop an instant attraction for each other. When Danner first goes to meet him, he is working out in his office. Quentin already knows who Danner is from Xavier’s case.

Danner tries to be professional, but if she wants to know more, she must have dinner with him. Quentin details how an arsonist like Leonard doesn’t have a passion for fire, but for how fire makes him feel.

Quentin Devereaux: The Afterparty season 2 character explained 1
Quentin tells Danner about the mind of an arsonist

Quentin suggests that he has managed to change Leonard’s passion. When asked about his passion, Quentin says that his passion is intercourse. Danner says she also likes it, and they end up having an intense lovemaking session.

Quentin convinces Danner that Leonard can’t be the arsonist. Danner takes Quentin’s word and lets Leonard go.

Quentin reveals his true self

Culp warns Danner not to cloud her judgment just because she is dating Quentin. Danner continues to meet Quentin, who keeps educating her about arsonists and even directs her toward Leonard Vurr when she mentions the name of one of the burned locations.

Danner arrests Leonard after discovering gear to light a fire in his car. However, when she returns to Quentin to update him, she discovers the same scraps of gear at Leonard’s house.

Danner realizes she was so in love with Quentin that she never looked at him as a suspect. She calls Culp, who doesn’t pick up the call. Quentin shows up and traps Danner by handcuffing her to his bed.

Quentin admits that he is a sex addict but for fire. As a psychiatrist, it was easy to find someone to pin the blame on. Quentin lights a fire at his place and leaves Danner to die. Culp later arrives in time and saves Danner.

Danner had told Quentin that she is passionate about being right and is afraid of being wrong. Quentin brought Danner’s worst fears to life. Danner lets Leonard go, and Quentin disappears. Danner regrets letting her feelings cloud her judgment, which led her to quit being a detective.

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