Hannah: The Afterparty season 2 character explained

In The Afterparty season 2, Hannah is the adopted sister of Edgar. Her hobbies take Aniq, Danner, and Zoë one step closer to the truth about her brother’s murder. Anna Konkle plays Hannah.

Aniq meets Hannah at the rehearsal dinner for Grace’s wedding. She is praised for the interesting flower arrangements that she has made. Every flower in sight at the dinner is from Hannah’s garden of bizarre.

Hannah mentions that some of the plants at the dinner are psychotropic, as in they can be used as drugs. These same plants later end up becoming a possible reason why Hannah could know something about the murder.

Clues that lead to Hannah

While Grace calls Hannah her best friend, Aniq and Danner learn something different about her after interrogating Grace’s ex-lover, Travis, who attended the wedding with the intention of exposing Edgar’s big plan of scamming people and escaping with the money.

While Travis’ whole story was based on assumptions, it mentioned someone else who didn’t want the wedding to happen. According to Travis, Hannah showed immense interest in him during the rehearsal dinner.

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However, he stopped himself from getting along with her the moment he learned she is Edgar’s sister. Travis claims that she approached him again before the wedding and said that she wouldn’t mind stopping the wedding herself.

For a brief moment, they both worked together to stop the wedding, but Hannah backed out at the last minute. She didn’t give him any signals and let the marriage happen.

Hannah: The Afterparty season 2 character explained 1
Hannah and Travis team up for a brief moment

While Aniq and Danner discussed all of this with Travis, Zoë carried out an investigation of her own. She tries to figure out whose cufflink she has found on Edgar’s body. Zoë’s sister, Grace, recognizes that the cufflink is a key to a typewriter.

Grace then reveals that Hannah collects typewriters. Zoë sees this as a new lead. She and Grace do find the typewriter that is missing this key in Hannah’s yurt.

When they are in Hannah’s garden, Grace mentions that some of the plants she has are poisonous. It is believed that whatever killed Edgar also made him hallucinate and think everyone around him is a devil.

Hannah’s garden has a plant called Devil’s Trumpet that does cause hallucinations if mixed with tea. If it is strong enough, 30 minutes after the hallucinations, a person dies.

Hannah’s confession

In the fourth episode of The Afterparty season 2, Hannah tells her side of the story. She describes how she grew up with no affection and many hobbies. She was only close to Edgar and Sebastian, but even they grew up and got more busy with their business.

Hannah found someone who shared her love for antiques in Grace. When Edgar used to be on business trips, Hannah spent time with Grace. Soon, Hannah and Grace begin an affair. Grace loved Edgar more, so she ended this affair as the wedding week came close.

Hannah didn’t give up until she heard Edgar’s vows. She realized that even her brother loves Grace a lot. Only one of them can be with Grace, while the other has to be alone. Hannah then chose to back out.

To avoid the pain of seeing Edgar and Grace together, she planned to move out. Before leaving, she gifted Edgar the ‘G’ key of her typewriter, and that’s how it ended up on his body. However, Hannah confesses that she didn’t kill her brother.

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