Queen Charlotte: Is Reynolds dead or alive?

Reynolds, King George’s right-hand man in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, wishes to serve George for as long as he lives and to grow old with Brimsley. Freddie Dennis plays the role of Reynolds.

Queen Charlotte is always seen with Brimsley, the queen’s man, by her side in Bridgerton as well as in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. Similarly, King George has Reynolds, the king’s man.

Reynolds and Brimsley are in a romantic relationship, which is a well-kept secret. However, they are often at odds with each other because they are fiercely loyal to their respective masters, who do not get along initially. 

Since George keeps hiding his condition from Charlotte and gets treated secretly, Reynolds cannot tell Brimsley the reason behind George keeping his distance from Charlotte.

Throughout the show, Reynolds struggles to open up to his partner because of his loyalty to George. Even when Brimsley seeks his help to stop Charlotte from leaving, Reynolds cannot help him, as he is not at liberty to tell him anything about George’s illness.

When Brimsley asks Reynolds to let Charlotte consult Dr. Monro, he refuses immediately because he has witnessed Dr. Monro’s cruel methods. Reynolds even tries to intervene and stop the treatment when he can no longer bear to hear George’s screams, but he fails to do so.

What happens to Reynolds?

When Charlotte dismisses Dr. Monro and starts living with George again, Brimsley and Reynolds hope that the couple will be together forever. They also hope that while serving the couple, they will also get to be with each other for as long as they live. 

Reynolds does not know if this is truly possible, but he believes that great love can make miracles. When Charlotte and George host a ball at the Buckingham House, Reynolds and Brimsley dance together.

Queen Charlotte Reynolds
Brimsley no longer has Reynolds to dance with him

However, when the scene shifts to the present, Brimsley is seen dancing alone without Reynolds by his side, which means that there is a possibility that Reynolds passed away sometime between the events of Queen Charlotte and Bridgerton.

Brimsley never got married, and Reynolds, who wanted to serve George till the very end, is not seen with George or Brimsley in Bridgerton or in the present-day scenes in Queen Charlotte. 

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