Pratap: Guns & Gulaabs character explained

In Guns & Gulaabs, Pratap is the former colleague of Arjun Varma and is planning to destroy Arjun’s life from prison. Varun Badola plays Pratap.

Pratap is a former IAS officer who is serving a sentence in Central Jail, Delhi. He is behind bars because of his involvement in the defense scandal.

Arjun knows to what extent Pratap was involved in this scandal. The truth is, all the real culprits managed to escape after making Pratap the scapegoat. Pratap blames Arjun for the botched investigation. He likes to think Arjun only cared about his promotion back then.

After his arrest, Pratap lost everything. His career ended, his reputation was lost, and even his wife and his kids have now abandoned him. Now, he only cares about destroying Arjun’s life the way he destroyed his.

Using Yamini

It doesn’t take long for Pratap to trap Arjun. All he does is send a girl named Yamini into Arjun’s life. Arjun and Yamini clicked and came close. Pratap has compromising pictures of them together that can ruin the life of Arjun, who is known to be a family man.

Pratap: Guns & Gulaabs character explained 1
Pratap reminds Arjun that it took one girl to expose him

Yamini allowed Pratap to use her because he once saved her life. She owes her life to him. For Yamini, Arjun was just an assignment, but she developed true feelings for him as she spent time with him.

Later, Arjun admits that he almost started hating her because she came and his life began to fall apart. However, he doesn’t regret the time they both spent together.

Does Pratap succeed?

Arjun stops Pratap from destroying his life by offering him the right amount of money. He steals Ganchi’s Calcutta deal for Gulaabgunj’s opium while Ganchi’s gang is busy dealing with Nabeed’s.

After going through a lot of hassle for this deal and watching his daughter get endangered, Arjun decides not to play these games anymore. At the last moment, Arjun backs out and plans to give the illegal opium that he seized to the government.

Arjun doesn’t care if Pratap exposes him. In fact, he will tell his wife, Madhu, the truth about Yamini himself. While Pratap’s goals fail, Yamini visits Arjun to hand him the negatives. Though Arjun has made up his mind to tell Madhu the truth, Yamini warns him against doing that.

According to Yamini, he is freeing himself from the guilt but is now handing his burden to Madhu. She wants him to choose what is right for Madhu, not for himself.

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