Meher Chaudhry: Made In Heaven season 2 character explained

The second season of Made In Heaven introduces Meher Chaudhry, the new production head hired by Tara and Karan. Trinetra Haldar plays the role of Meher Chaudhry.

Made In Heaven needs a production head, and Tara and Karan decide to hire Meher Chaudhry when she moves to Delhi. Mr. Jauhari advises them not to hire her, as the company’s profits are already down, but they still do it.

Karan and Meher’s first conversation implies that Tara and Karan have worked with Meher before and like her work enough to bring her to the team despite the company’s current condition.

Finding one’s place

Meher’s boyfriend, Aki, leaves her without any explanation. She never gets to know what happened to make him leave like that, as he blocks her everywhere. Meher has no choice but to move on, so she starts going on dates with men she finds on dating apps.

Meher is a transwoman, and she does not hide it. She mentions it clearly on her profile, yet the men she goes on dates with hurt her; they treat her like an object of sexual desire to be used.

Furthermore, her old friends treat her like an object of fascination and use her dead name. They offend her, and meeting them upsets Meher, who just wants to be accepted for what she is.

As Meher understands what is it like to never be seen as an equal, she speaks up when she sees something like that happening to others. When Vikram’s family discriminates against Pallavi, Meher highlights the flaws in their reasoning.

However, there are people who make Meher feel accepted. She shares a warm relationship with her parents. When she starts working at Made In Heaven, she makes new friends, like Jazz, who accept and respect her.

When Meher tells Jazz that she is trans, Jazz calls Meher brave and tells her that she is glad to have a friend like her. Meher finds a place for herself in a world that is very hostile.

Meeting a good man

Meher meets Danish, a theater artist, on a dating app. He is romantic, kind, and fun-loving. Unlike the other men Meher meets, Danish sees her as a beautiful woman, not an object, and never tries to hide her identity.

Made In Heaven season 2 Meher
Meher and Danish’s first date

Meher helps him improve his relationship with his brother by making him see things from his brother’s perspective. The more time they spend together, the more Danish admires her. He even asks her to design his play.

However, their relationship is not smooth sailing. At Danish’s birthday party, he introduces her to his parents, and the meeting is extremely awkward and uncomfortable. Despite Danish’s best efforts, Meher feels like she does not fit in.

Meher leaves the party, thinking that this is the end of her relationship with Danish. She mentally prepares herself for the breakup, but a few days later, Danish comes to visit her and tells her that he is not going to break up with her.

The party was a strange and new experience for everyone, and Danish needed some time to understand his feelings. He has come to the conclusion that he wants to be with her. He makes it clear that he is not Aki and that he is not going to leave her. Meher and Danish decide to stay together.

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