Who is Phil? Mythic Quest character explained

Phil has been a regular fixture at Mythic Quest since the beginning of the series although he’s occupied more of a background role in previous seasons.

Phil is the art director at Mythic Quest who is much under-appreciated and overworked along with the rest of his department. He mainly exists to be put down by the more influential members of the company who disregard him at every turn.

However, in season 3, Phil is thrust into the spotlight a little more even if his treatment remains very much the same. He does get a glimmer of hope that all those miserable years he’s had at the company are finally about to pay off.

His moment in the sun

Earlier when Carol was looking for a way to improve the company in her new position, Brad gives her the idea of setting up an NFT within the game and they pester Phil about it.

He calls David who’s on another call with Jo who’s sitting down with Joe Manganiello and David completely shuts down his protests and lets Brad order him around.

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After Carol gets a promotion and some real authority to make hires, she sets about making the company more diverse and younger. While addressing her new employees, Phil is one of the people in attendance and she references his age and how they’re moving away from employees of a certain age.

Who is Phil? Mythic Quest character explained 1
Carol is accused of discriminating against people over the age of 40

Phil latches onto her statement and claims that she’s being ageist which is grounds for a lawsuit. While he’s plotting a way to get his dues in this company, Carol looks for someplace she can hire older people and prove that she’s not an ageist.

They are both pointed towards the same direction as Phil goes to get the support of the game testers who have notoriously been mistreated as much as he has. However, Carol gets to them before and it is revealed that she has hired two older men as the new testers.

She covers herself from any liabilities and Phil’s hope for vindication is shortlived

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