Peyami Dokumaci: The Tailor character explained

Peyami is the protagonist of The Tailor who’s a famous name in the world of fashion and in the titular profession.

Netflix’s The Tailor revolves around some interesting characters who all share some defining traits and characteristics.

Peyami is the lead protagonist who serves as the central tenet to the story and as the plot moves forward, he’s arguably the one with the most character development of all.

The perfectionist terzi

Peyami Dokumaci is a world-famous name in the fashion world. The dresses he sews up gain accolades, acclaim, and praise aplenty.

He’s also sort of a wizard when it comes to the design process. He’s shown to be running entire mathematical calculations in his mind as he comes up with a ravishing new dress on the spot.

Following that, he gets on cutting, snipping, and sewing, making a dress with his own hands in a dance-like series of steps. It all comes naturally to him almost, which is not that far-fetched to say as his grandfather was a famous tailor himself.

Peyami is also a perfectionist, and rarely is it that he’d excuse a lapse in effort by any of his employees. This effort for perfection penetrates his personal life too, which stands as one of the explanations behind his relentless efforts at keeping his mentally challenged father a secret from the world, who might blot the perfect image he projects to the rest of the society.

Debilitated by past

This questionable part of Peyami that so desperately wants to keep his father a secret from everyone else is mostly due to his troubled past that he still can’t escape.

Ever since he started making sense of the world, Peyami would also start getting hurt by what other kids said about his father, Mustafa. A mentally challenged man who acts like a kid, Mustafa becomes Peyami’s biggest embarassment during his childhood.

Mustafa The Tailor (Terzi) 2023
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He’d ask his grandfather why his father has to be that way and if only he could be sent away to somewhere far away, so he doesn’t have to live in shame that his father brings him. He does get sent away too, to Instanbul, where he completes his education and later becomes a famous fashion designer.

However, his past doesn’t escape him, and when he has to resume cohabitation with other family members, including his father, he starts suffering from debilitating episodes where he hyperventilates at the very touch and interactions with Mustafa, which always makes the memories of the tough childhood experiences flood his mind.

A daring lover

Peyami doesn’t seem to have much time or care for love at the start of The Tailor. A man dedicated to his craft and sense of perfection, he almost seems averse to the idea of love.

That is until Esvet enters his life, as Firuz. He tries to get her to model for him as he tries making a new dress. That where perhaps the first sparks of romanticism fly in his heart, while Esvet also seems to be into him, even if ever so slightly.

During one of their dress fitting sessions, the sparks are too intense for the two to resist the romantic urge, and as they kiss each other they make the beginning of their romantic relationship official.

Peyami later also overhears Esvet saying how she might be falling for him. When the situation becomes dire and Esvet faces peril at the hands of Dimitri, Peyami is frenetic with the effort to save her.

Before going to confront his best friend, he makes it known to her by planting a passionate kiss on her lips. The Tailor season 1 ends with him even taking a bullet while trying to save her and get her the freedom she deserves.

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