Permanent Roommates season 3 summary and ending explained

Permanent Roommates is a rom-com series that follows the story of Mikesh and Tanya, who navigate through the various hurdles of a modern-day relationship. Season 3 of the show is now streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Mikesh and Tanya are now happily settled in Mumbai. However, Tanya has started feeling that her life has become monotonous.

Her only friend in the office, Shraddha, has received an offer to move to Germany, and she also convinces Tanya to move abroad.

Mikesh attempts to surprise her for their anniversary, but Tanya is so well-versed with Mikesh that she can already predict whatever he plans.

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During their anniversary dinner, they run into Pranav, Mikesh’s former roommate, who reveals that his gaming startup has received funding and he is now successful.

His startup is planning to open a new branch in Canada. Mikesh feels that he only borrowed money from him and remains ungrateful.

Tanya finally tells Mikesh about her desire to move abroad. He is taken aback, unwilling to move out of India once more.

While drunk with Tanya’s father, Brijmohan, he convinces Mikesh to say yes to anything Tanya says to make her happy. He does so and regrets it the next day.

They begin seeking overseas counsellors, who suggest Canada. They had asked Purushottam to submit Tanya’s application but she tells Mikesh to find another option.

Mikesh unintentionally sabotages one of Tanya’s job interviews by calling his society friends, who make too much noise.

Tanya is furious. When Mikesh’s mother, Lata, asks Tanya about the issue, she finally tells her that they plan to move abroad. Lata is completely fine with this, and he starts looking for a job.

It is also revealed that Mikesh’s father, Mohanlal, passed away between seasons 2 and 3. 

Mikesh and Tanya consult another overseas counsellor, who turns out the be Lleo. He is running a fraudulent consultancy where he takes people to Canada through illegal means.

Lleo gives Mikesh an idea. He asks him to get rid of the house help to show Tanya how hard it is to live in another country. Mikesh follows his advice.

Lata befriends Venkat, a cheerful man of similar age who loves playing pranks. They start having relatable discussions.

Pranav approaches Tanya to offer a role at the Canadian branch of his startup. It’s all but a formality for her to get the visa now.

After a discussion with Purushottam, Lleo and Brijmohan, Mikesh decides to tell Tanya the truth that he does not wish to leave India.

Tanya is told that her application was rejected because of double applications. Mikesh confesses that he forgot to tell Purushottam not to submit the application. He also tells her he does not actually want to move.

Tanya gets angry and stops talking to Mikesh, who starts sleeping on the sofa. Lata and Venkat attempt to make him sleep in the room again but his equation with Tanya does not improve.

After a discussion with Brijmohan and Purushottam, Lata realises that Mikesh has told everyone different reasons for not moving abroad.

When Lata isn’t picking up his calls, Mikesh starts panicking. He and Tanya look for her in the whole society. It turns out that she was swimming and didn’t see her phone.

Lata asks Mikesh why he truly does not want to move out of the country and why he becomes panic-stricken when someone does not pick up his calls.

Permanent Roommates season 3 ending explained in detail:

Why does Mikesh not want to move abroad?

When Lata questions Mikesh why he is so reluctant to shift abroad when he spent so many years in the US, he finally confesses.

When his father passed away, he was in the US. He got a call from Lata that he was sick, and in the morning was told he passed away.

On his way back to India, he tried calling Lata and Tanya, but they were understandably unable to talk considering the situation.

When he reached home, Lata stopped crying. And they could never cry together. Mikesh starts sobbing even thinking about all that.

He realised that he had a missed call right before his father was taken to the hospital. He will never know what he wanted to say.

Mikesh does not want to be in a situation where he is unable to pick up another call like that or be too far away.

After a conversation with Venkat, Lata realises that she needs to return to her house as well. Otherwise Mikesh will always feel responsible for her.

Does Tanya take up the job in Germany?

Listening to this, Tanya drops the idea of going to Canada. During a presentation, Shraddha shows up, revealing that she isn’t going to Germany as she is pregnant.

The company has now chosen Tankya to become the Vice President and move to Germany, but she is reluctant to move.

Tanya tells Pranav about her decision and adds that Mikesh isn’t the reason she dropped the idea. Pranav tells her the full story.

When they were roommates, Mikesh was successful in his job, while Pranav’s company was tanking. He had nothing in the bank.

When Pranav’s younger brother wanted a laptop, he could not give it to him. Pranav contemplated exiting the business and had even updated his CV.

But one day, he received a call from his brother thanking him for the laptop. Mikesh had gifted it to him without telling Pranav.

The truth is that Mikesh only did it because he could not see Pranav giving up on his dream. And he knows that he will never get in the way of Tanya’s dream.

Back home, Mikesh convinced her to take up the job. Tanya becomes sentimental at the thought of being away from Mikesh.

Why doesn’t Mikesh drop Tanya at the airport?

She asks him why he isn’t sad. Mikesh tells her he would be sad if he was in her way. He promises to not let her feel alone in Germany.

On the way to the airport, he tells her that she has forgotten something. He gives her the keys to the house to take to Germany.

When she asks him if he’s not going to drop her at the airport, he just shakes his head with tears in his eyes.

He was extremely sad about her moving but put on a happy face to encourage her. He couldn’t even bear the thought of saying goodbye at the airport.

In the end, the two part ways. Their relationship is ‘long-distance’ once again, but their bond has never been stronger.

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