Pavani: Code 8 Part 2 character explained

Pavani is a major character that the sequel to Code 8 revolves around. Sirena Gulamgaus plays the character in the film, currently available to stream on Netflix. 

Pavani is a 14-year-old girl living with her brother Tarak at the Monument Hill Towers apartment complex. 

She is a bright student and gets her A’s, no big deal. However, education is hard for the economically struggling, especially if you’re struggling while being a PWP. 

The special program she and her brother have been looking forward to requires books, but the school doesn’t provide the students with the books anymore — they have to buy them all themselves. 

Seeing how her brother is struggling to make ends meet, she tries telling him she’ll do just as well without the program, but Tarak can’t accept that. 

He wants her just focus on her studies while he takes care of the money. However, Tarak’s job is difficult as he works as a bag runner for local drug mafioso Garrett.

Witness to a systemic rot

To better provide for Pavani, Tarak needs a promotion, but Garrett feels he’s not ready for that. A desperate Tarak ends up stealing the bribe money left at the drop site for the cops. 

The cops, headed by Sergeant Kingston, spot Tarak, as he pulls a fast one and tries his best to evade the newly launched and supposedly non-lethal K9 robotic dogs.

He does end up getting caught, right outside the complex, as a K9 corners him and injects him with a lethal dose of Psyke. Tarak dies on the spot and this is witnessed by Pavani. 

Tarak death Code 8 part 2
A K9 kills Tarak

The K9, at the orders of Kingston, goes for Pavani next as she is a witness to the fact that the “police reform” the public wanted is nothing but a hoax, and the police are just as violent and corrupt even now.

Pavani ducks to protect herself when the K9 lunges at her, right when the live feed from the robotic dog, as well as the connection with it, is severed due to some inexplicable reason. 

Pavani’s powers

It is later revealed that Pavani is a PWP too, and she is essentially a Transducer, meaning she can convert one form of energy into another. 

She can take in electric signals and interpret them in her mind. She can then relay those signals to other appliances as well. 

She effectively acts as a sensor, being able to read digital data and interpret signals; she also acts as an actuator who can use her energy to turn the data she has absorbed into signals. 

This allows her to manipulate and control the K9 dogs. She can read the data they store. She can manipulate the radio signal and interpret it. 

Exposing the truth

At the end of the film, Pavani uses her powers to transmit the video data stored inside a K9 to a camera belonging to a news reporting crew, which live broadcasts what Pavani wants the world to know.

She uses her powers to broadcast the truth about the corrupt police system that’s still thriving while the unsuspecting citizens are fooled by a bogus reform. 

Sergeant King is taken down and sent to jail. Meanwhile, Pavani returns to a normal life, all things considered, along with Connor, who takes her to the community center where he works. 

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