Paula Villar: Alpha Males season 2 character explained

In Alpha Males season 2, Paula Villar is an architect working at Santi’s new workplace. Adriana Torrebejano plays Paula.

Paula Villar is the daughter of Román Ripoll, who runs Ubizkuo Architectural Studio.

Pedro recommends Santi to Román, and at the Ubizkuo Architectural Studio, Santi meets Paula, who is also working there as an employee.

She doesn’t want anyone to find out that she is their boss’ daughter because she thinks they will start treating her differently then. Hence, Paula’s true identity remains a secret.

Paula and Santi’s romance

Paula is pretty upfront about becoming friends with Santi. She sees no harm in going out with him.

That’s not the case for Santi. Román has warned Santi not to get involved in a workplace relationship.

Román doesn’t like liars either, and he claims that he has a sixth sense that helps him identify them.

Keeping all of this in mind, Santi hesitates to have Paula around him, even though he is intrigued by her.

Santi falls for Paula, but he only proceeds after having a conversation with Patrick and Luz about how to approach this professionally and the precautions he can take.

Hence, before they can get intimate, Santi gets Paula to record a consent video and blow into a breathalyzer so that it proves that she is actively willing to get intimate with him and is sober.

Santi cares about his job at Román’s, and he does all of this just in case anything goes wrong.

The fallout

Santi and Paula eventually navigate a good relationship, even after Santi finds out that she is his boss’ daughter. That is all until Santi starts relying on lies to protect this relationship.

Moving on, Santi intends to keep their relationship a secret, but Paula is done with that. Her father was in a closet for 30 years, and she doesn’t plan to hide either.

Paula concludes that Santi cares about his project more than her, leading to their breakup.

Paula Villar: Alpha Males season 2 character explained 1
Paula breaks up with Santi

Things get worse when Santi loses his phone, which has Paula’s consent video on it. Paula wants the video gone, and Santi has to find a way to delete it from his device.

Román thinks that his daughter and Santi are good friends. He asks Santi if she is okay.

That’s when Santi finds out that their breakup has triggered Paula’s eating disorder and that she’s hooked on tranquilizers.

Santi manages to secretly delete that video using his work computer. However, his colleague assumes that Santi is up to something shady. The colleague not only retrieves that video but also leaks it, making things worse for Santi.

Santi is dragged to court. Santi does fight back. He uses Raúl’s bad advice of identifying as a woman so that his firing can be considered wrongful dismissal, but in the end, he withdraws all charges.

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