Paul and Sarah’s relationship in Human Resources season 2 explained

Paul and Sarah are a father-daughter duo who are going through a loss in different ways and have been distant for a while.

Eugene Levy voices Paul Crumbhorn while Florence Pugh voices Sarah in season 2 of Human Resources. Paul is an elderly man who lost his wife almost a year ago and the creatures in charge of him decide it is time to move on.

His lovebug, Walter, isn’t ready to let go of his wife’s memory just yet, but Paul and Walter realize together that it must be done. Sarah mostly listens to her logic rock, Van, and closes herself off whenever the topic of her mom is brought up.

After some literal digging, Emmy learns that Sarah’s mother had cancer and Sarah kept putting off meeting her because she didn’t want to see her in that state. Hope and Van backed up her feelings at this time and ultimately they came to regret it as Sarah’s mother passed away without her getting a chance to say goodbye.

While she held on to that guilt, she also pushed away her father, Paul, and when she sees him out on a date with someone else she becomes even more enraged.

Facing the truth

Sarah ends up firing Emmy for trying to dig into her past and continues to ignore her father. Walter and Paul try to connect with Sarah but she’s reluctant and he leaves her a message telling her that he’s selling their house so she must collect all of her things from there.

Emmy has an idea to get back in Sarah’s good graces and she asks Pete to convince Van that going to the house and collecting her old things is a good idea for Sarah.

Van agrees and together she and Sarah visit her childhood home but give Paul the cold shoulder. Once she enters her room, Emmy pops up and tries to show her old memories of her the house that she borrowed from the memory bank.

However, as the memories go on, they distort to make Sarah feel worse about her decision and Sarah runs into the washroom and locks herself in.

Paul and Sarah's relationship in Human Resources season 2 explained 1
Paul knows exactly how to help[ Sarah calm down

Emmy and Van aren’t able to do anything so Walter pushes Paul to go and comfort his daughter. He succeeds in bringing her out and Sarah finally lets go of the guilt that she felt and embraces her emotions as Keith from Grief shows up to help her through this journey.

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