Park Seung-Gil: Behind Your Touch character explained

Park Seung-Gil is an important character in Detective Moon Jang-Yeol’s life in the rom-com mystery, Behind Your Touch. The character is played by Choi Ji-Hyeok.

Moon Jang-Yeol is a very effective cop and his work ethic and determination for justice are immediately evident to all who work with him.

And yet, it is his mistake committed in a fleeting moment during a raid that costs him his position in the Regional Crimes Unit in Seoul. Consequently, he’s transferred to a small remote village called Mujin.

There, amid his constant efforts at solving crimes and getting reinstated back in Seoul, he has to contend with the aforementioned mistake and the man he made the mistake for — Park Seung-Gil.

Delinquent beginnings

Park Seung-Gil is shown to be a bully and a delinquent when Ye-Bun takes a peek at Jang-Yeol’s memories of him. It’s a nun working at an institution likely for orphans whom Jang-Yeol is meeting when she receives a call.

Distressed, she runs off to the police station, and Jang-Yeol’s behind her. The police inform them that Seung-Gil has been brought in for underage drinking, assault, and illegal gambling.

Behind Your Touch Park Seung-Gil past
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Sometime later, Jang-Yeol seems to be in contact with Seung-Gil more and more. It seems he involves himself in the troubled youngster’s life exceedingly and there’s an evident care he has for him.

He celebrates Seung-Gil’s birthdays and brings him cakes until he begins to like them and soon, the two form a brotherly bond, and Seung-Gil seems to be on the right track, away from his delinquency and bullying days. He even gets a job that Jang-Yeol seems proud of.

A victim of circumstances

However, this improvement comes crashing down when he’s plunged into a life of crime by Baek Soon-Gil, who takes advantage of Park Seung-Gil’s dire circumstances.

When the nun that Seung-Gil falls really ill, she is hospitalized. She undergoes surgery but her continued care would demand more money, which Seung-Gil doesn’t have. Baek offers him this money.

In exchange, he has a job for him. It is this job that involves drug dealing, that Jang-Yeol raids with the police force. However, when he stumbles upon Park Seung-Gil, he’s stopped in his tracks, since he doesn’t know why he is there.

Thankfully, Ye-Bun is able to peek into Seung-Gil’s memories and learn about the truth before he passes away in Mujin. This is also necessary to give Jang-Yeol some closure, to reassure him that his time and care spent on Seung-Gil wasn’t for nothing.

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