Moon Jang-Yeol: Behind Your Touch character explained

Moon Jang-Yeol is one of the main protagonists in Netflix’s Behind Your Touch.

A hot-headed, frequently prone to misunderstanding, and generally dying to escape his current situation, Moon Jang-Yeol is the love interest of veterinary doctor Bong Ye-Bun and a detective on a constant hunt for grisly crimes he can solve.

Back in Seoul

Moon Jang-Yeol worked at the Regional Investigative Unit back in Seoul, before getting demoted and transferred to Mujin.

He was an honor graduate of the police academy, an introductory detail he provides to Assemblyman Cha Ju-Man. Here in Mujin, he becomes a detective in the Violent Crimes Unit.

It was a year-long narcotics investigation that was supposed to conclude with a raid. However, Moon Jang-Yeol ruined the mission when he was about to catch the drug dealer named Baek, who he for some reason let leave.

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Moon Jang-Yeol Baek
Baek in Jang-Yeol’s memory (Image source: Netflix)

The failure eventually cost him his position at RIU as he’s sent off to the backwaters of a small town. The reasons behind his hesitation, when he comes across Baek, are not delved upon thus far in the story.

However, Jang-Yeol is shown to be very determined to fix all that when he comes back to Seoul. Baek, meanwhile, as the lieutenant’s friend reveals, has been an untouchable guy ever since Jang-Yeol was demoted and transferred.

Here in Mujin

He arrives in Mujin with the intention to bolt back to Seoul in a month, hoping that he’ll solve enough cases and take enough points to warrant a reinstatement into RIU.

However, he finds that the town is bereft of any considerable crime, much less a violent one. So far, he’s only encountered unruly animals, a pervy vet, vengeful farmers, and a flatfish farm that he mistakes for a drug racketeering spot.

He commits that mistake after asking for a tip from his friend and former colleague back in Seoul, who tells him, confidentially, that drug dealer Chang-Sik aka Ted Chang is hiding somewhere near Mujin.

However, he ends up mistaking a flatfish farm for a drug-producing/trading place, failing to nab anyone for a considerable crime yet.

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