Paradise PD season 4 ending explained: What happens to Baby Kevin?

‘Paradise PD’ season 4 sees the characters face a powerful evil billionaire who threatens to destroy the titular town while also seeking to steal the youngest Crawford’s powers.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

While Bobby destroys the town, a pregnant and enraged Karen fires Randall from Paradise PD. She delivers a truly diabolical child who she and Randall name Kevin.

Randall takes Baby Kevin to deer-hunting while Kevin goes to save the deer, who go far beyond just saving themselves with bulletproof vests, and take up arms to kill the hunters.

Meanwhile, Bobby and Delbert move inside Bobby’s body where a utopia exists, but the couple soon destroys this utopia for other inhabitants, eventually forcing everyone, including themselves, to eject out of Bobby’s body through the penis.

Karen convinces Elon Musk to visit and later in a fit of rage launches the missile, but Bobby catches it, drinks the hazardous fluid inside it and shrinks down to a normal-sized baby.

Baby Kevin turns out to be immortal as he saves Randall from the deers, killing the sentient animals before they can continue more of their ‘Planet of the Apes’ massacre.

Elon Musk is arriving and Karen replaces everyone in the town with wacky actors to impress the billionaire. Meanwhile, Kevin buys an inflatable AI sex doll who constantly refuses to have sex and keeps ripping him off.

Dusty’s father who he calls Diddy arrives, he’s similarly flamboyant as Dusty but also a hardcore veteran who’s part of the ‘Strawberry Action Squad’, which is made up of diabolically eccentric mutants, ghosts, and freaks.

After trying hard and failing to get his acknowledgement, Dusty gets enraged and finally gets Diddy to recognise him. Randall and Elon Musk become sore enemies and the fight ends with them having hate sex with each other in the middle of the road.

After inviting and failing to get any billionaire to invest in her town, Karen receives a delightful surprise visit from Mr Charles Lovely, of the Lovely Corp. He moves his company there and begins spreading his capitalist roots all over the town.

Kevin learns that Gina’s returned and her boyfriend is none other than Charles, he goes to sabotage her wedding but she rejects him and beats him up, telling him that she expected better and that she truly loves Charles.

Kevin is convinced, however, that Gina is somehow influenced by the sinister billionaire. He then starts looking for dirt on Charles but gets banished from town after the billionaire buys the town.

He joins a resistance and they try to bring down the billionaire. After Gina rejects Kevin’s advances and efforts again, he goes to commit suicide and learns that Baby Kevin has been planning his downfall to drive him to his death.

However, after a journey to his past and a personality transformation, Kevin returns and patches up with Baby Kevin. Everyone then bands together to go against Charles Lovely and his cabal of billionaires.

During the final battle, Gina reveals herself to have been a double agent all this time, working as part of the Strawberry Action Squad. ‘Paradise PD’ season 4 concludes with a cliffhanger as Charles Lovely kidnaps Baby Kevin and flies away in a helicopter.

‘Paradise PD’ season 4 ending explained in detail:

What is Charles Lovely’s plan?

Charles Lovely is a billionaire who’s only human in his appearance but every other part of his personality seems to be that of a robot or supernatural, extraterrestrial existence.

He’s also a radical capitalist and thanks to his Lovely Corp., has incredible power and influence. He comes to Paradise town to invest in it and move his company there.

Karen, who has been looking for a billionaire to invest in her town is over the moon and turns a blind eye to every suspicious and even extremely evident sinister machination.

Kevin eventually learns that Charles plans to see through his plan of what he calls “The Eternal Reckoning”. It’s the last episode where it’s revealed that this Eternal Reckoning is all about Charles gaining the immortality that Baby Kevin possesses.

With his cabal of fellow billionaires, Charles hosts a ceremony wherein he intends to take Baby Kevin’s immortality for himself. However, thanks to Gina, former Paradise PD members, Alpha Kevin, the Strawberry Action Squad, and other townfolk, Charles’s plans are spoilt.

Does Baby Kevin get rescued?

Billionaire Charles Lovely fails in his evil plans to snatch Baby Kevin’s immortality for himself. The Paradise townfolk stops him from doing so.

Charles is beaten to a pulp, but while everyone else is distracted, the evil billionaire sneakily salvages some of his plans.

Dusty diverts everyone’s attention to Charles who kidnaps Baby Kevin and takes off in a helicopter, leaving Karen terrified, along with Kevin and other people.

‘Paradise PD’ season 4 ends without a resolution to this cliffhanger and before anyone can do anything to save Baby Kevin, the credits roll as Bobby and Delbert address the abrupt conclusion of the series in spite of this big cliffhanger.

Do Gina and Kevin get together?

Gina had been a double agent all this time while pretending to be in love with Charles Lovely. In reality, she was double-crossing him as an agent of the ‘Strawberry Action Squad’.

The squad had been trailing the suspicious billionaire and wanted to catch him red-handed. They finally manage to do that at the end of ‘Paradise PD’ season 4.

However, leading up to that moment, Gina’s job is almost ruined several times by Kevin, who thought that she was under the billionaire’s influence.

However, Gina reveals to him at the end that she was just pretending and doing her job as a double agent. She also reveals to him that she has always loved him and couldn’t let him off her mind.

While a proper reunion or something like a marriage isn’t in store in ‘Paradise PD’ season 4, in the end, the two do come together and embrace each other after a long time apart.

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