Sonic Prime ending explained: Does Sonic return to his home world?

‘Sonic Prime’ is an action-adventure that sees the titular hedgehog leading to the shattering of the universe, following which he must traverse through the Shatterverse and find his way back home.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Sonic fights off Eggman along with all his friends, but his ego makes him get ahead of himself and not pay heed to his friend’s warnings about hasty action. As per Eggman’s plans, Sonic dives headfirst into the Paradox Prism that he’d thought Eggman is trying to harness energy from.

However, what the evil doctor wanted was to shatter it into different pieces, which is exactly what happens when Sonic collides with the prism. With a great burst of energy and a wave, the whole universe splits apart into different ones and Sonic is thrown into the Shatterverse.

Sonic finds himself in an alternate version of Greenhill, this one suffocating betwixt giant skyscrapers and drenched with a morose environment and a perennial night sky. People are forced to follow a strict decorum that they do with no heart or enthusiasm.

The rulers of this authoritarian regime are five alternate versions of Eggman and they want to detain Sonic when the anomaly crash lands this place called the New Yoke City. Meanwhile, Sonic finds the alternate versions of his friend, none of whom recognise him.

Sonic Prime also realises that these variants of his friends want to rebel against the Eggman variants who form the ‘Chaos Council’. He meets Nine, who’s a variant of his best buddy Tails.

He also meets Rouge’s variant Rebel Rouge, Knuckle’s variant Renegade Knucks, as well as Amy Rose’s cyborg variant Rusty Rose. With the help of everyone, he manages to get out of Chaos Council’s captivity and tracks down the crystal that powers New York City, which is one of Paradox Prism’s shards.

Touching the shard transports Sonic to another reality where he finds the variants of his friends living like scavengers in a jungle called Boscage Maze.

Their pitiful state is due to a “monster” who lives below, inside the green jungle and beats them away every time they go there to fetch food.

This monster turns out to be a variant of Amy Rose and Sonic eventually manages to broker peace between them and also find another one of those shards. He touches the shard and gets transported back to New Yoke City.

The rebels have formed a formidable front against the Chaos Council, and with Nine having run away with their crystal, the Eggman variants are cracking down on the rebels hard.

Sonic helps the rebellion and later catches up with Nine, who takes him to a new Shatterspace which is a completely barren new world where no one lives, and Nine wants to start afresh there, with Sonic.

However, Sonic Prime can’t leave his other variant friends alone in the fight so he returns to New Yoke City. Sonic, Rebel Rouge, and Renegade Knucks all fight off the Chaos Council and have a hard time contending with the villains.

Nine arrives again and helps them. However, the Chaos Council realise that Nine’s new ship can help them access the crystal’s energy and use its open portals to other worlds, and they’ve already learnt that these new worlds contain other pieces of shards.

In their never-ending thirst for power and energy, the Chaos Council capture Nine, prompting Sonic to run faster than ever to save his nine-tailed variant friend. However, he runs too fast and ends up being transported into another world on his own.

This time he lands in ‘No Place’, where all his variant friends are pirates. After helping out them in a fight against enemy pirates, Sonic becomes their new leader but eventually, Rusty Rose and a barrage of robots catch up to him.

Using the captive Nine’s Shatterdrive technology, they have managed to send robots into another world and directed Rusty Rose to retrieve the crystal native to this place.

However, Sonic manages to get to the shard/crystal before them, but coming into contact with this one sends him to a Shatterspace filled with debris. He also stumbles upon his rival who’s been appearing in what he considers to be his hallucinations recently — Shadow the hedgehog.

‘Sonic Prime’ ends just as Shadow blames Sonic for destroying their home and lunges at him for an attack.

‘Sonic Prime’ ending explained in detail:

Can Sonic navigate the Shatterverse on his own?

Sonic gives off the same energy signature as the crystal that powers the New Yoke City. The crystal is one of the shards that broke off from the Paradox Prism when Sonic destroyed it.

This means that Sonic retained the energy from the Paradox Prism when he collided with it, but the series doesn’t clearly explain as to why Sonic exhibits this similarity with the Prism shards.

While the reason behind the similarity in energy signatures might be unclear, what is evident is that Sonic can transport himself to a new reality on his own, just as he does when he touches a shard.

Whereas the Chaos Council uses Nine’s Shatterdrive technology to navigate the Shatterverse, Sonic Prime can do that just by running fast enough.

What happens to Shadow?

Shadow the hedgehog has beef with Sonic before Eggman wreaks havoc at Greenhill at the start of ‘Sonic Prime’. While Shadow chases after Sonic to confront him about the vision he had, Sonic doesn’t have any time for his rival.

Shadow had already seen a vision of the destruction that would befall all and Sonic’s pivotal role in that destruction. He wants to confront him about this future and wants to prevent it from happening.

However, Sonic doesn’t pay heed to him and dives straight into the Paradox Prism, shattering it as well as space and time into multiple pieces. Right at the moment when the collision happens, Shadow uses Chaos Control through his Chaos Emerald.

As a result of this move, Shadow gets thrown into the Shatterverse but whereas the latter traverses through the Shatterspaces to enter new alternate worlds, Shadow gets stuck in the in-between voids.

‘Sonic Prime’ ends with Shadow and Sonic coming face-to-face again as the blue hedgehog’s rival blames him for destroying their home and lunges at him with a mean fist.

What happens to Nine?

Nine gets captured by the Chaos Council. After having assisted Rebel Rouge and Renegade Knucks in defeating the robots of Chaos Council, Sonic runs off to save Nine.

However, as he accelerates, a vision of Shadow asks him to keep running faster and faster, making Sonic achieve a speed that transports him to another Shatterverse, without having to touch a Paradox Prism shard.

While Sonic contends with other variant friends in No Place, Nine remains captured as the Chaos Council members work on the Shatterdrive technology created by the nine-tailed nerd, eventually managing to use it to catch up to Sonic Prime and pursue him to No Place.

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