Ultraman season 2 summary and ending explained

Ultraman season 2 continues the legend of Ultraman as more defenders join the forces to protect Earth from a deadly alien threat. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

In New York, people start suddenly disappearing into thin air. Kotaro, a photographer who has been investigating the disappearances around New York, has found out that the aliens are using cameras to make people disappear.

At the SSSP headquarters, concerns grow regarding the attack and the motive behind it.

Shinjiro was talking with Rena when an alien attack demands his attention. Moroboshi joins him. Kotaro and his girlfriend, Izumi, were nearby and rushes to the scene of action. Kotaro notices a group of girls hanging around dressed as maids.

Just as the action between Shinjiro, Moroboshi and the attacking alien intensifies, one of the maids uses a device that makes everyone disappear, including Rena and Shinjiro, leaving only Moroboshi, Kotaro and Izumi behind. Kotaro failingly tries to inform Moroboshi about what he has discovered.

He gives the camera to Izumi to pass it on to the SSSP officers and decides to go to the maid cafe to find out more about the mysterious maids. He reaches their den and sees the leader of the group, Maya, planning to capture another Ultraman.

Jack decides to also investigate the matter. Agent Adad tells Moroboshi that he suspects the disappearances to be the work of Alien Wadoran, a species of aliens who are using the lives of humans to sustain their own. The aliens are using a life-energy camera to break down humans and transport them to the Star of Darkness ship.

Meanwhile, the video sent by Kotaro reaches Moroboshi, but Kotaro gets caught snooping on the aliens. Maya sends her comrades to catch Izumi who is successfully captured and transported. But when they try to transport Kotaro, the transportation fails, leading to Kotaro becoming a fire-yielding alien.

Jack reaches the spot and transforms into an Ultraman. A standoff follows between Kotaro and Jack. Jack uses another Ultraman suit to trap Kotaro to prevent a nuclear fission reaction.

At this moment, Alien Pedan, the leader of ‘Star of Darkness’, a terrorist organization, appears and sends a message to the Earthlings seeking a sacrifice of half the population in order to be spared in return. Seiji Hokuto makes an appearance and decides to help sort out the mess.

Kotaro, who is back to his human form, extends his help to Jack. They contact Moroboshi. On Jack’s refusal to take Kotaro with him, Kotaro steals Jack’s Ultraman suit and heads to the location where the main unit is located through which the people are being transported.

Later, Jack, Kotaro and Moroboshi join hands to fight for the cause of the whole of humanity.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Ultraman season 2 ending explained in detail:

Ultramen in trouble

Alien Pedan instructs Maya to lure all the three Ultramen- Jack, Kotaro, and Moroboshi, to the transmission apparatus and detonate the machine in order to kill them.

Meanwhile, the Star of Darkness attacks the SSSP headquarters and captures Shin Hayata, Shinjiro’s father and the original Ultraman.

On the other hand, the three Ultramen defeat the two Alien Wadoran who try to trap them. They reveal the true motive behind their actions. The Alien Wadoran were just helping the Star of Darkness get rid of the Ultramen in exchange for the humans so they can sustain their near-extinct species.

Maya’s sacrifice

Maya refuses to sacrifice her comrades to terminate the three Ultramen and gets threatened by Alien Pedan. He detonates the transmission apparatus, killing Maya’s friends but Kotaro’s heroics save the three Ultramen.

At the same time, Seiji has managed to board the Star of Darkness ship. Maya releases Shinjiro and promises to return the Earthlings. Shinjiro returns to Earth and unites with the three Ultramen already on Earth. Maya manages to return the hostages but she dies while doing so.

Just as the Ultramen are about to go and rescue Shin Hayata, Star of Darkness deploy a planet-destroying weapon ship called ‘Golden Fortress’. Shinjiro goes on to save his father, who’s kept captivated in the alien ship while the other three stay on to destroy it.

The last stand

After projecting some damage to the planet destroyer, Moroboshi assists Shinjiro and Seiji in rescuing Shin Hayata. Kotaro and Jack take the responsibility of destroying Golden Fortress’s power reactor. Kotaro uses all his energy to destroy it but ends up sacrificing himself while doing it.

In the final faceoff, all the rest of the Ultramen battle it out against Alien Pedan. Shin Hayata, with the help of an advanced Ultraman suit, and Shinjiro fight with Alien Pedan. Bemlar assists them in defeating the powerful alien invader.

But before dying, Alien Pedan reveals that his death will bring to fruition his plans. This confirms Bemlar’s suspicions about Alien Pedan’s true intentions, but he refuses to reveal them to others. Bemlar then goes on to return the light to Kotaro.

In the end, all the hostages have finally returned with the exception of only Izumi. She sacrifices herself to allow Kotaro to remain as the Ultraman and continue defending Earth along with the rest of the ultimate league of Ultraman.

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