On the Verge summary and ending explained

On the Verge’ is a 12 part Netflix series about four married women in their 50’s, living in Los Angeles and trying to navigate through careers and personal relationships. The series has been created and written by Julie Delpy, famous for her role in Richard Linklater’s ‘Before Sunrise’. Delpy also stars in the role of Justine.

‘On the Verge’ follows the life of Justine (Julie Delpy), Anne (Elisabeth Shue), Yasmin (Sarah Jones), and Ell (Alexia Landeau). Justine is a famous chef, married to Martin (Mathieu Demy) and has a son, Albert. They are from France but living in LA, and Martin has trouble getting a job.

Yasmin is a political consultant who left her job after the birth of her son, Orion. She is married to Will (Timm Sharp). Anne is married to George (Troy Garity) and they have a son as well named, Sebastian. She has her clothing line but mostly lives off her mother’s money. George is a music composer who is currently not working and is completely dependent upon Anne for his expenses.

Ell is a single mother of three kids from three separate men. Her kids don’t get along well with each other. Apart from the mess in her personal life, Ell has trouble keeping her job as her family inches closer to poverty.

Justine and Martin throw a party at their house and invite all their friends. However, the party becomes a sordid affair and Martin blames it all on Justine. Will and Yasmin also start fighting over their strained relations over the past few years.

George tells Anne that he is not happy with the marriage and wants a divorce. They ultimately decide to begin with a trial separation.

Ell has increasing amounts of loan and bills to pay while she is out of a job. She tries to make ends meet by doing odd jobs and ultimately ends up becoming a vlogger. Her channel shows the life of her dysfunctional family and she becomes very famous.

But the vlogging has a deep impact on her young kids and as they begin to throw tantrums, Ell’s idea of making money on the internet begins backfiring.

Yasmin becomes increasingly frustrated as days go by and she still hasn’t found a job. Out of desperation, she reaches out to her cousin Darian and gets a job of an intercepter translator of farsi language for US espionage purpose. This requires Yasmin to hide her work from Will, which also strains their relationship even further.

The series shows events of just days before the first lockdown is to be announced and therefore, many plans of the four friends will be disrupted by the impact of the Coronavirus lockdown. Does Justine leave Martin? Will Anne be able to give up a life of luxury? What will happen to Yasmin and Will’s relationship?

Here is the ‘On the Verge’ ending explained in detail:

Justine and Martin

Justine and Martin have a very complicated relationship. Martin is a narcissist and blames all his failures in life on Justine and moving to America. Justine feels completely out of love but decides to stick around for the sake of her son Albert.

Justine finishes writing her book and it goes into publishing. While on book tour, Justine meets a chef from Argentina, Francisco Ortega, they go out on a date and Justine soon realises that Francisco is the love of her life and there is no magic left between her and Martin. She comes back to LA and decides to leave Martin.

Francisco goes back to Argentina and promises to come back after 6 weeks with his family, to move to LA on a work visa. While returning from Orion’s paintball party, Justine tells Martin in the bus that she is leaving him.

However, soon after news of lockdown comes on the radio and Justine, blissfully unaware of the catastrophic impact the lockdown will have on her relationship with Francisco, begins dreaming of reuniting with Francisco soon.

Anne’s pursuit of minimalism

During the trial separation with George, Anne begins to feel completely lost in her life. She begins seriously doubting her decision to depend on her mother financially and she seeks advice from Yasmine and George, if she should stop taking her mother’s money.

Anne meets Adam in the supermarket and they go on a date. Adam introduces her to his life of homelessness and minimalism which inspires Anne to pursue the same for herself. She decides to stop taking money from her mom, even if that makes her broke.

Anne informs George that she can’t give him money anymore and George is very upset. He implores Anne to rethink this major decision that will impact not just them but their son Sebastian’s education too.

As a last ditch effort, George decides to move back in with Anne and Sebastian, in the hope that this will convince Anne to continue to take money from her mom.

Anne’s plans of expanding her business and leaving her luxurious house are all but final, however news of a spreading disease and an inevitable lockdown might soon change things as businesses shut down.

Yasmine and Will

At a pool party at Anne’s house, Yasmine is approached by a government agent who informs her that the translating work that she has been doing for the government was just a way to test her loyalty towards the Government. The agent then informs her that the US Government suspects Will of colluding with Saudis and asks for her help in spying on Will to get proof against him. Yasmine agrees to spy.

Yasmine begins to doubt Will and is convinced after he tells her about meeting some Saudi Arabian prince, while on a work trip to Palo Alto. She also intercepts calls from Qatar on his phone.

However, the government’s investigation into Will proves his innocence and his name is cleared. But Yasmine has a difficult time accepting the report of the investigation.

At Orion’s paintball party, Yasmine is very anxious about Orion getting badly injured and goes out of her way to protect him during the game, which ruins the game for Orion and he is very upset.

Will gets mad at Yasmine for being so overprotective at all times and is convinced that she has some issues related to mental health. As they fight again in the bus, it becomes clear to Yasmine that Will and her don’t understand each other anymore and she may have to leave him.

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