Money Heist Season 5 Part 1 summary and ending explained

Season 5 Part 1 of Netflix’s popular Spanish thriller series ‘Money Heist’ is now streaming. It follows the gang of robbers from earlier seasons, who’re backed against the wall in their attempt to rob the bank of Spain.

The new season picks off right where the previous season left the viewers. Lisbon (Itziar Ituño) has entered the Bank of Spain and joined the gang. Meanwhile, The Professor (Alvaro Morte) has been captured by Inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) at Stormwater Tank.

She interrogates him but is unable to extract any details of the plan as he remains shut despite being shot in the foot. The gang is told by The Professor that they might never talk to him again and they’re on their own.

Colonel Tamayo (Fernando Cayo) is starting to get desperate and calls in the military, led by Sagasta (José Manuel Seda), ordering them to kill on sight, without worrying about hostages.

Lisbon, Tokyo (Ursula Corbero) and Stockholm (Esther Acebo) walk outside to show the world that Lisbon is not with the police, but has escaped and reached the Bank of Spain. As Tamayo threatens to send the military in, Lisbon discovers he does not know that The Professor is captured, meaning Sierra is working alone, and they still have a chance.

Lisbon negotiates and they set Gandia (Jose Manuel Poga) free to buy some time. Meanwhile, Arturo and some hostages stage a fightback. They find all of the gang’s ammunition and Arturo starts going insane and attempts to kill them.

Lisbon is forced to shoot him and starts hallucinating due to her guilt of murdering someone.

Marseille (Luka Peros) and Benjamin (Ramon Agirre) are saved by The Professor’s plan and return to the Stormwater Tank, but Sierra subdues them as well and captures all three.

However, she’s left shocked as she’s framed and thrown under the bus by Tamayo, and to make matters worse for her, she goes into labour right then.

The military, led by Sagasta and joined by Gandia, enters the Bank of Spain through an explosion in the roof, and Helsinki (Darko Peric) gets caught in the blast. A marble statue falls on his leg, injuring him and rending him unable to move.

The rest of the gang fend of the military squad and Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna) chooses not to cut off Helsinki’s leg to escape. Instead, they use another object as a lever to save him.

After The Professor helps Alicia deliver her daughter, he regains control of the communication. He tells them the only way to save Helsinki is an attack from dual fronts.

Tokyo, Denver (Jaime Lorente) and Manila (Belen Cuesta) use hostages to enter the room through the roof, ambushing the military squad from all sides.

But the squad manages to cut off Palermo’s front by using a safety system The Professor didn’t know about as Tokyo, Berlin and Manila are left stuck in the kitchen.

During all these events, there are constant flashbacks of Berlin, his son Rafael (Patrick Criado) and Tatiana (Diana Gomez) carrying out a robbery of Viking ornaments as well as Tokyo and her previous lover Rene (Miguel Ángel Silvestre).

Are the three be able to escape the military? Where is this battle headed?

Money Heist Season 5 Part 1 ending explained (Episode 5 – ‘Live Many Lives’recap):

Tokyo and Rene

A flashback shows how Rene got killed while robbing a bank. He was shot as Tokyo watched helplessly. In an emotional outburst, she murdered his killers and fled the scene.

Berlin (Pedro Alonso) watches the news of the incident and tells his half-brother Sergio Marquina (The Professor’s real name), that the woman has talent and is a survivor.

Sergio thinks that she would be too risky an asset to include in the plan, but Berlin convinces him that they need her because she has nothing to lose. Sergio says if she survives 72 hours without being caught by the police, they’ll recruit her.

Tokyo is flooded with guilt as she knew Rene was always wary of robbing banks and he did it because of her.

The war in the Bank of Spain

Tokyo, Denver and Manila manage to make a trench in the kitchen to keep the military squad at bay for the time being. The military also sets up snipers from a nearby roof to aim through the kitchen window.

Gandia and Sagasta begin arguing as the former wants to explode their fortification but the latter wants to go in through the pantry, which would take time. 

The Professor tells Tokyo to vex Gandia and make him act on impulse. She is successful, and he throws a grenade into the kitchen, but Tokyo jumps and catches it mid-air and throws it back out, killing one of the soldiers.

One of the squad members begins attacking Gandia for his error in judgment, but Sagasta calms them down and threatens to shoot Gandia if he disobeys them again. Worried by the Ruckus, Rio (Miguel Herran) rushes to saved Tokyo. Stockholm treats Helsinki’s leg.

Amid the chaos, Manila confesses that she loves Denver, but he makes it clear that he loves Stockholm and rejects her.

Back in the past, The Professor talks to Tokyo, telling her she won’t leave because she has nobody waiting for her. He tells her that he’s offering her resurrection and that he’ll know everything he needs to know about her if she’s brave enough to be reborn and choose a new life. Tokyo agrees to join them.

Tokyo also recalls how Rene was the love of her life, but a person can have several lives. She started a new life with the gang, and found love with Rio. She reminisces the time the two talked below the stars and danced.

The Professor tells the gang that Sierra has delivered and she decides to name her daughter Victoria after a conversation with the gang, but secretly slips up weapons, hinting at a betrayal.

Palermo’s front tries to weld their way in as Tokyo’s front moves to the pantry. As they run after shooting the military squad, Tokyo is riddled with five bullets in her arms and legs by the snipers. Denver drags her back to safety.

Tokyo’s last stand

Another flashback shows Tokyo and Rene talking. He says they’ll pay Tokyo’s mother’s mortgage and allow her to live a good life wherever she wants. The only way they could get this money would be by robbing banks, and they’re confident about pulling it off.

Denver tells The Professor her situation. Rio starts drilling from the floor below Tokyo to help her escape. Stockholm tells the three that they can escape through the dumbwaiter.

Denver tries to use it but realises it’s six floors down, and they’ll have to use the ropes to go down, which means Tokyo wouldn’t be able to escape due to the bullets in her arms.

Tokyo tells Denver and Manila to go down and lay down cushions, curtains and cardboard boxes to allow Tokyo to jump and land below. The two escape, and she stays behind with a gun.

As the military squad prepares to blow up the pantry wall, Rio manages to make a small hole in the floor. Rio tells Tokyo that he’ll save her, but the squad enters and Tokyo tells him there’s no time. She also says that she’s glad he’s there in her final moments.

A montage of Tokyo and Rio’s time together starts playing as Denver and Manila attempt to make a landing for Tokyo. The Professor tells her to fend the squad off for 30 seconds more and jump.

Tokyo tells Rio not to be sad, as something ends today but it is the first day of his next life, just how she started a new life with him after what happened to Rene. Rio is distraught and keeps drilling.

Denver tells Tokyo that the landing is ready and she needs to jump, all the while Rio also tries to save her. The Professor tells her to jump, but she says it’s going to be tough and asks if they can go on without her. She says he has been her guardian angel and now she will be his.

The squad attacks her vest and she falls to the ground. As she looks up, Gandia stands ready to kill. But she surprises them, having taken the pins off four grenades.

Gandia tells his squad to get back, but it’s too late. Gandia definitely dies in the explosion. Tokyo takes a dangerous member of the military with her.

The entire gang is left devastated, with The Professor visibly shaken. Part 1 ends with Rio down on the floor clenching his broken heart.

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