Omar Zadar: The Night Agent character explained

In The Night Agent, Omar Zadar, the leader of PIF, is linked to the conspiracy taking place at the White House, as his name and interview appear first on Rose’s uncle and aunt’s hard drive.

Rose and Peter gain access to Rose’s uncle and aunt’s hard drive by using the software the FBI possesses. Omar Zadar’s name and his interview, in which he talks about the metro bombing, appear on the disk.

In the interview, he is asked why the PIF claimed responsibility for the DC metro bombing. Omar Zadar clarifies that they didn’t write that statement, nor did they orchestrate that bombing.

He said the statement was fake and used to discredit them. He further stated that the party is not responsible for the actions of a handful of its more extreme followers who might’ve leaked this sentence.

How is Omar Zadar involved in the conspiracy?

Rose asked Peter about Omar Zadar, and he revealed that he is a Balkan dissident who heads up the People’s Independent Front and has a history of bombing buildings. People say he has gone legit now that he is running for office.

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Investigating the hard drive further results in Peter and Rose finding out that the metro was never the main target. Whoever is behind this conspiracy targeted the whole two blocks above the metro. It’s just that Peter back then stopped the train after spotting the bomb before it could reach its destination.

Omar Zadar: The Night Agent character explained 1
Omar Zadar talks about the metro bombings

A CCTV camera showed that Secret Service agent Chelsea Arrington was sitting in a cafe that was part of the targeted blocks. She was protecting someone that day.

Later, when Peter, Rose, Arrington, and Arrington’s partner, Monks, come together to look for a kidnapped Maddie, Arrington discloses that she was on Omar Zadar’s detail that day.

It means the people behind this conspiracy targeted Omar Zadar. They planned to assassinate him using the metro bombing to make it all look like a terror attack rather than an assassination.

Why is Omar Zadar targeted?

Later in the show, it is revealed that Gordon Wick, the CEO of Turn Lake Industries, and Vice President Ashley Redfield are responsible for the metro bombing. Diane Farr, the president’s chief of staff, helped them cover their names.

Farr questioned why they would bomb a metro full of American citizens to assassinate a foreign politician on U.S. soil. Redfield reminded Farr of the courthouse explosions from 2014 and the bus attacks from 2016.

Redfield says Omar Zadar can deny his involvement in these attacks all day, but they know he is a terrorist.

Farr defended Zadar by claiming that he is better than the leader his country currently has, who also pays billions to Wick for military equipment.

Redfield claims that this situation they are in is more than just about business. Redfield asks Farr to imagine what will happen if Zadar seizes control of U.S. military equipment.

The president didn’t listen, so they tried to get rid of him, and mistakes were made. Now, if an investigation is carried out, the whole White House could be in jeopardy, including Farr’s dear friend, President Michelle Travers. Therefore, Diane Farr agreed to clean this mess up.

Towards the end of The Night Agent, the man hired by Redfield and Wick to place the bomb in the metro was found, and another investigation into the metro bombings began.

With President Travers growing suspicious, Wick and Redfield targeted both President Travers and Omar Zadar, but Peter, Rose, and Arrington saved the day.

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