Ohtori: Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead character explained

In Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, Saori Ohtori is one of the producers at Master Shot. She is the only person there who is nice to Tendo. Yui Ichikawa plays Ohtori.

On his first day at Master Shot, Tendo is delighted to meet Ohtori, who approaches him and introduces herself. He is happy to have a beautiful senior coworker.

Ohtori’s experience at Master Shot is unlike that of Tendo’s. While Tendo is forced to work day and night, Ohtori’s work is celebrated at Master Shot.

In the toxic environment of Master Shot, only Ohtori shows some care toward Tendo after noticing that he has started looking pale after working here.

Ohtori’s struggles

Tendo believes that, unlike him, Ohtori is allowed to do things the way she wants at Master Shot. Hence, she is happy working here and is successful. However, Ohtori hints that this is not how things really are.

Ohtori: Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead character explained 1
Ohtori hints that there is more to what Tendo has observed about her

Tendo realizes what Ohtori meant when he tracks her down in the world after the apocalypse. He finds her with their director, who has turned into a zombie.

Apparently, Ohtori has been sleeping with the Director, and that has ensured her the success she has. Tendo fights the zombie director and defeats him.

Ohtori gets her revenge on the Director by beating him once he is down. The Director had promised Ohtori that he is going to leave his wife, but he didn’t keep his word.

Tendo’s first wish

Ohtori doesn’t survive, as she was bit too. Moments after beating the Director, she also turns into a zombie. Before leaving her behind, Tendo tells the zombie Ohtori that he thought highly of her and has been in love with her ever since he got hired.

After realizing what is at stake in this new world, Tendo comes up with his bucket list—things he wishes to do before turning into zombie food.

The first wish he mentions is to tell someone he is in love with them, which he has now accomplished after confessing his love for Ohtori.

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