Kosugi: Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead character explained

In Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, Kosugi is Tendo’s senior at Master Shot, whom he reports to. Kazuki Kitamura plays Chief Kosugi.

Kosugi is regarded as a legend at Master Shot by his juniors as well as his colleagues, even by the director of the firm. Initially, Tendo also dreams of becoming like Kosugi until he sees the true side of his new leader.

Kosugi is a selfish and abusive boss who is responsible for making the environment at Master Shot toxic, where employees are mistreated and exploited daily, which has become the norm there.

Kosugi complains about everything and makes his employees work harder. He is grumpy all the time and is good at taking advantage of people weaker than him for his own benefit.

Kosugi is also revealed to be a misogynist. When Shizuka confronts Tendo about his list, he criticizes her and women in general for being hysterical.

After the apocalypse

Kosugi doesn’t change a bit after the apocalypse. In fact, luck is on his side as he is busy shooting a commercial at Marine Paradise Aquarium with his team.

Kosugi’s quick thinking allows him to turn the aquarium into a safe fortress. He devises smart tactics to keep the zombies out and finds innovative ways to use these same zombies to scare off the bandits who might want to raid the aquarium.

Furthermore, food is not a problem here with all the fish. However, Kosugi’s toxic nature continues to flourish at the aquarium.

Kosugi: Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead character explained 1
Kosugi convinces Tendo to work for him

Kosugi implements everything he used to do at Master Shot at the aquarium too, making his employees and the others trapped at the place work for him.

Whoever comes near the aquarium will have their car’s tires blasted off. They will then be forced to stay and work for Kosugi. Kosugi may have built the perfect sanctuary where people can easily survive the apocalypse, but by working for Kosugi, they are no less than zombies.

Does Kosugi survive?

Kosugi’s sanctuary faces the wrath of zombies when one of the workers out for supplies accidentally ends up bringing a zombie along. The place soon fills with zombies, and a shark that ate zombies also comes hunting the humans down.

At a time like this, Kosugi first attempts to safeguard himself and forgets about the people who worked for him. Tendo and his friends, Kencho and Shizuka, end up saving everyone from the zombies and the zombie shark.

After this, everyone at the aquarium decides to leave. Kosugi is found alive but is rejected as the leader. Right until the end, Kosugi tries to make everyone stay. He fails and is left all alone at the aquarium.

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