Oh Pyeong-Hwa’s divorce in King the Land explained

Oh Pyeong-Hwa has been struggling to get a promotion at her job at King Air despite putting forth exemplary effort and getting excellent results, and a significant reason preventing her from succeeding is later revealed to be her divorce.

Oh Pyeong-Hwa is a great flight attendant at King Air, and her efforts in providing the best customer service set a benchmark for other crew members.

And yet, promotion from a flight attendant to a purser has eluded her many times, as others in her crew climbed the ladder of success in front of her eyes while she remained stuck in the same position.

Oh Pyeong-Hwa’s divorce

Among her peers, divorce is seen as a major sin, which can drastically impact an employee’s chances of succeeding as a flight attendant.

In fact, it’s a crucial detail one must make known to succeed in the profession, which makes it a rather strikingly outdated and misogynist practice.

Oh Pyeong-Hwa is divorced but she had to hide it and say she was never married, but when it was somehow known that she had been divorced, she was deprived of the promotion she so deserved.

A spiteful Min-Na later reveals this to the crew members, taking pleasure in Pyeong-Hwa’s misery. However, Pyeong-Hwa wasn’t far off whenever she must have claimed to have been married, because she was only married according to the papers she signed as a bit.

The real culprit

The real culprit behind her divorce and the misery that followed was her fellow employee, pilot No Byeong-Gu, who despite already being married and having a child, hits on her creepily and was also the one who was in a relationship with her several years ago.

King the Land No Byeong-Gu
No Byeong-Gu (Image source: Netflix)

It was not a long relationship and as a joke for their 100-day anniversary, he got her to fill out a marriage form, which she did as a joke and in a moment of unwise fervor. She later broke up with No Byeong-Gu.

The slimebag would later register the marriage in secret, after the breakup. Pyeong-Hwa would come to regret her misguided actions that day as she is left with no other choice but to file for divorce.

She, along with Gang Da-Eul and Cheon Sa-Rang, try and urge the official to cancel her marriage but the official claims that as per the law, it’s impossible and the only way to undo the marriage is to file for divorce.

That’s how Pyeong-Hwa becomes a divorcee at such a young age and because of the fraudulent actions of Byeong-Gu. While he flourishes in his career, Pyeong-Hwa has to be treated with underserved ridicule and career stagnation due to a divorce.

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