Oh Pyeong-Hwa & Lee Ro-Woon’s relationship in King the Land explained

King the Land revolves around the romance of its central protagonists but also frequents couples in the periphery, like Oh Pyeong-Hwa and Lee Ro-Woon.

Oh Pyeong-Hwa has been a flawless flight attendant working for King Air for years now but has failed time and again to get the promotion that she deserves the most among all her colleagues.

Throughout the letdowns and disappointments despite her continued excellence, no one stepped up and come to the corner, until fellow flight attendant Lee Ro-Woon, who managed to support her and be by her side through several rough spells.

Chivalrous colleague

Oh Pyeong-Hwa has been saved from a creepy colleague in the form of the Captain who shares a history with her, helped out during a pickle at work, and cheered up while feeling her lowest after getting cheated, by one person.

This person is another one of her colleagues, fellow flight attendant Lee Ro-Woon. He has always taken note of Oh Pyeong-Hwa and her sheer commitment to her work and professionalism.

Along with an evident liking for her, he also admires her and even self-admittedly aspires to be like her. He’s made it clear time and again that he is by her corner and cares for her no matter what situation she finds herself in, which has clearly made her professional life a bit easier to tolerate in spite of all the helpless circumstances.

Reserved romance

Oh Pyeong-Hwa has not been as keen or enthusiastic about this cute little relationship that she and Ro-Woon have.

While her best friends tease her about the charming young man, pointing out the obvious tension that exists between the two romantically, Pyeong-Hwa has insisted that it’s nothing like her.

Over the course of many episodes, it becomes clear that this insistence is not for nothing, as it’s informed by more than a simple adorable denial of repressed love. She has certain legitimate reasons that hold her back from opening herself up as readily as Ro-Woon does.

Oh Pyeong-Hwa Lee Ro-Woon
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It’s later in the show that it’s revealed that Pyeong-Hwa has been divorced once, which was a result of negligence on her part as she indulged her then-boyfriend 100 days ago and jokingly got her to fill out a marriage form.

Later on, she had to file for divorce, which is apparently something that can deter a flight attendant from a blossoming career.

Meanwhile, her history with the captain seems sketchy as well, which can be the reason why she is unable to reciprocate Ro-Woon’s love for now.

Confession & conclusion

Oh Pyeong-Hwa notices how Lee Ro-Woon helps her out through so many complicated situations and finally asks if he likes her. Ro-Woon finally confesses that he does.

That’s when Pyeong-Hwa says she doesn’t think she can accept his feelings, apologizing for the same. However, that doesn’t phase Ro-Woon as one might expect it to do.

In fact, he is very stoic about it, revealing that he is fine with it and that she can do whatever she wants and he will do what his heart tells him.

She does feel remorseful about it and doesn’t seem to be one who lacks any sort of romantic or affectionate feelings for Ro-Woon. For the time being, she can’t open herself up fully due to her past and Ro-Woon continues to be a solid support to her while harboring selfless love for her.

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