Oh Min-u: D.P. season 2 character explained

In the second season of D.P., Oh Min-u is General Gu’s right-hand man and follows his boss’ orders without objecting. Min-u is played by Jung Suk-yong.

Oh Min-u is a military investigator in the High Prosecutor’s Office. He is a warrant officer and works under General Gu. Like his senior, Min-u is also a tyrant who does not think twice before abusing his juniors.

When his juniors fail to get Beom-gu to sign a statement, which claims that Suk-bong was mentally ill, to cover up the truth, Min-u gets involved. It is very evident from the beginning that he is more concerned about burying the scandal than the truth.

Setting traps 

After the mass shooting incident, Seo Eun and Min-u’s priority is to prevent the military from being seen in a bad light. The initial report of the incident, which has not been manipulated, is stored on a USB.  

Beom-gu and Ji-seop sneak into Min-u’s office but fail to access the USB. When Min-u, who is a much better fighter than either of them, catches them, he beats them up and locks them in his office without caring about Ji-seop’s rank.

Later, after getting discharged, Seo Eun gives the USB to Ji-seop, and Min-u makes it his mission to get it back. He openly admits to Beom-gu that the USB contains information about all the cases that they have manipulated.

He knows that Beom-gu will not be able to do anything about it. He even threatens him and asks him to give it back. As General Gu’s trusted man, he makes sure that Ji-seop walks into the trap set by General Gu.

On top of that, he forces Beom-gu to take a game box. Beom-gu does not know that the box is full of cash and that Min-u has a video of Beom-gu taking the box from him. Min-u uses this video to blackmail Beom-gu. With Min-u’s help, General Gu is able to force Ji-seop and Beom-gu to return the USB to him.

D.P. season 2 Min-u
Min-u sends the video to Beom-gu to blackmail him

By any means necessary

General Gu and Min-u do not get the USB back, as Jun-ho decides to bring the truth to light. Min-u does everything that he can, including bribing Jun-ho’s father, to find Jun-ho. He gathers dozens of soldiers to hunt Jun-ho, who is considered a threat to national security by him.

Unlike Beom-gu, Min-u’s first principle is to kill the deserter if they cannot be stopped. He assures his soldiers that they will not be held responsible for anything, which gives them free rein to do whatever they please.

When he catches Jun-ho, he is ready to beat him to death, but Ho-yeol stops him. While General Gu fights the case regarding government compensation for the victims, Min-u tries to find the USB and prevent it from being used against them in court. 

However, Beom-gu outsmarts him and takes the USB to court. Min-u then arrests him. Min-u works for General Gu and learns from him. Like his superior, he has no qualms about killing people. While Seo Eun fails to be like General Gu, Min-u succeeds.

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