Nick Foster: How I Met Your Father season 2 character explained

Nick Foster is the man that Sophie tracked down in Staten Island believing that he is her father. While she wasn’t ready to introduce herself, he finds her and does it himself. The character is played by Clark Gregg.

When Lori looks at a picture of her from Lollapalooza, she points out to Sophie that the man with a barbed wire tattoo on it is her father. Sophie narrows the information down to three men, one of them being Nick Foster.

They track him down to a hot dog store after seeing him paying his respects at a cemetery and recognizing the tattoo on his arm. The others let Sophie approach him by herself, but she doesn’t have the courage to do it and backs out.

However, soon after she tells her friends this, Nick walks into Pemberton’s to talk to her.

Eager to bond

He finds out who she is because of security camera footage outside his shop showing her practicing what she would say to him and reached out to her. They plan to have lunch together but it doesn’t go exactly as planned.

Sophie tries to find something in common with Nick but struggles in that regard. She does have a great idea to improve his business which has taken a hit recently and hopes that this would give them a chance to spend more time together.

Her suggestion to have a pop-up hot dog store at Pemberton’s seems to be a success as they sell out all of their hot dogs and Sophie and Nick also have a great time with each other but that good feeling is short-lived.

A man claiming to be Gio Kowalski, the Polish king of hot dogs, walks into the bar and tells Nick that he’s not allowed to sell hot dogs on that turf unless Gio gets a cut of the profits. Nick explains the Hot Dog mafia situation to Sophie and says that they can continue having pop-ups.

Sophie isn’t ready to back down and seeks out Gio but it turns out that “Gio” is actually Nick’s nephew who pretended to be a gangster. When Sophie asks Nick why he would do that, Nick says that he prefers to stay in his comfort zone which is Staten Island.

Nick Foster: How I Met Your Father season 2 character explained 1
Nick and Sophie have a positive start to their relationship

The fact that he made up an elaborate lie to get out of it rather than talk to Sophie truly convinces her that he is her father. She is worried that they won’t spend time with each other but he assures her that he will make the effort.

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