Nick Bilton: Extrapolations character explained

Nick Bilton (Kit Harrington) is the world’s richest man in Extrapolations, with his end-stage capitalism actively hurts and exploits people and the climate.

Nicholas Bilton is the CEO of Alpha Industries and the world’s richest man. As he proclaims his plans of saving the climate and the world, his capitalist endeavors only serve to damage it even more.

He’s portrayed as an ultra-capitalist who takes over industries with which he claims to ensure humanity’s survival. However, his machinations and decisions have only been hyperfocused at opportunities he can exploit for optimum profits.

Apocalyptic-age capitalist

Nick Bilton entertains a system that’s a step beyond even the late-stage capitalism. In fact, he runs it as if he’s the sole proprietor here.

From the very first episode of Extrapolations, it’s made clear that his machinations are all concerned with what he can do to exploit a new avenue, in a world mostly submerged in water or enevloped in forest fires.

The rapidly increasing global temperatures and declining resources doesn’t deter Nick Bilton from pursuing his inhumane capitalist endeavors, as he uses his power and leverage that it gives him over nations mitigating huge crises, for his own ends.

Conniving conspirer

People, no matter what their social or professional proximity might be with him, don’t matter much amid his grand plans.

It becomes evident when he easily ditches Junior and the casino plans at the Arctic when he learns that a lucrative avenue has presented itself for him to exploit.

Junior Extrapolations
Junior in Extrapolations episode 1 (Image source: Apple TV+)

Throughout the show, the billionaire has been executing his overarching plans while operating from the comfort of his bleak and absurdly opulent shadows.

From working with the animal DNA conservation and replication, to resource mining, and impacting Gita Mishra’s world-changing plans, Nick Bilton has been carefully crafting his schemes and seeing them play out as some sort of mustache-twirling, magic-globe-peeking villain.

Sociopathic supervillain

There’s little that showcases Bilton as a human being. With such an insane amount of wealth, a person would dissociate with the reality anyway, but Bilton’s lack of humanity is of biblical proportions.

All that’s at the center of Nick Bilton’s machinations is his business that he seems to want to expand until it engorges all the world.

What makes this apocalyptic, apart from the real-life catastrophes and suffering that it inspires, is that Bilton’s peripheral vision concerns with murder and systemic oppression of people merely pawns or minor annoyances to him.

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