All new characters in Stranger Things season 4 explained

The 4th season of Stranger Things introduces a host of new characters within Hawkins and elsewhere. The season is split into 2 volumes with the first now available on Netflix.

Throughout Stranger Things, audiences have been introduced to a wide variety of characters ranging from heroic to evil on the alignment scale. There have iconic characters across the board, sometimes meeting unfortunate ends like Billy Hargrove or Bob Newby.

Season 4 is no different as there are quite a few additions that are sure to strike a chord with the viewers. Here are all the new characters in Stranger Things season 4 explained:

Chrissy Cunningham

All new characters in Stranger Things season 4 explained 1
Grace Van Dien as Chrissy Cunnigham

Chrissy is played by Grace Van Dien and initially appears to be a typical high school popular girl, but on closer inspection turns out to be holding onto some trauma.

It is made clear that the trauma is the reason Vecna targeted her and led to her early death. She was Jason’s girlfriend, the captain of the basketball team, and once she dies Jason goes on a warpath to get justice against Eddie because he’s the prime suspect.

Eddie Munson

All new characters in Stranger Things season 4 explained 2
Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson

Eddie is one of the key characters of season 4, and he’s portrayed by Joseph Quinn. Eddie is a metalhead and high school senior who also serves as the dungeon master for the school D&D club, The Hellfire Club.

He has the unfortunate distinction of witnessing Chrissie’s murder as she falls victim to Vecna’s curse. He also serves as a secondary mentor to Dustin, something that causes some friction and camaraderie between him and Steve.

Jason Carver

All new characters in Stranger Things season 4 explained 3
Mason Dye as Jason Carver

Jason (Mason Dye) is the captain of the basketball team and Chrissy’s boyfriend. Jason gives a rousing speech for the pep rally before their championship game and appears to be a nice, likeable person.

After Chrissy’s death, he gets red in his eyes and only one goal, to end Eddie’s life. He leads his team on a search around town and later on rouses the entire town to take up arms against the Hellfire club and seek justice.


All new characters in Stranger Things season 4 explained 4
Eduardo Franco as Argyle

Argyle (Eduardo Franco) is Jonathan’s new best friend in California and an all around chill dude. He studies with Jonathan and serves as his adviser for all things in life.

He also drives them around in his company van that belongs to a pizza place, where he works part time. Argyle and Jonathan also share a love for marijuana, often smoking it to take the edge off.

Fred Benson

All new characters in Stranger Things season 4 explained 5
Logan Riley Bruner as Fred Benson

Fred (Logan Riley Bruner) is a nerd who serves as a journalist for the school paper, working under Nancy Wheeler. He accompanies her to Chrissy’s murder site when he becomes afflicted by Vecna’s curse.

Vecna takes advantage of his guilt after he was involved in an accident that ended up killing some people. He’s a very outspoken person who is not afraid to tell it like it is, and is the perfect foil to Nancy until his demise.

Victor Creel

All new characters in Stranger Things season 4 explained 6
Robert Englund as Victor Creel

Victor Creel is a patient at a mental institution where he’s serving life for the murder of his wife and children. Because the murders resembled that of Chrissy and Fred, Nancy and Robin go out to meet him and gain some insight.

Through their meeting, it is learnt that he and his family were the first victims of Vecna, with the jaw-dropping reveal that his own son is actually the one responsible. He also provides the key information that music is the key to stifling the curse.


All new characters in Stranger Things season 4 explained 7
Tom Wlaschiha as Dmitri

Dmitri (Tom Wlaschiha) is the prison guard at Kamchatka who helps Hopper with his escape. He’s very belittling towards Hopper and only cares about the money he’ll receive for helping him, but once he’s a prisoner himself thanks to Yuri’s betrayal he gets to show a softer side.

He bonds with Hopper over fatherhood with Dmitri claiming that he doesn’t want to be known as a traitor in the eyes of his son and aides Hopper in his attempt to fight off the Demogorgon.


All new characters in Stranger Things season 4 explained 8
Nikola Đjuričko as Yuri

Yuri is the smuggler who is responsible for collecting Hopper’s ransom and flying him out of Russia and back to the US. He’s obsessed with American culture and makes a killing out of smuggled American goods.

He betrays Dmitri by informing the prison warden of his plan and also drugs Joyce and Murray to hand them over for a reward. He’s overpowered by them during the flight to Russia and unwillingly becomes a part of their plan to infiltrate the prison.

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