Never Have I Ever season 2 ending explained: Who does Devi end up with?

Netflix has released ‘Never Have I Ever’ season 2 with Devi’s quest to find where her heart belongs and finding herself in the process.

The comedy-drama follows the life of Devi Viswakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) as she traverses her turbulent high-school life. After spreading her father’s ashes in the previous season, she meets up with Ben (Jaren Lewison) and shares a kiss in his car.

However, things take a different turn when the dreamy guy, Paxton (Darren Barnet), her long-time crush, comes asking her out on a date. Confused, Devi gives him a green signal too, and before she knows it, she is willingly two-timing. She hopes to cover up this mess by moving to India, as was the plan. But when Devi’s mom changes her plans, things turn very quickly.

How will Devi’s two-timing scheme run? Can Devi have the high-school time of her life, or will the appearance of another Indian girl mess things up for her?

Never Have I Ever season 2 ending explained in detail:

Dr. Jackson and Nalini

With Devi’s father gone for about a year, Nalini, Devi’s mother, finds herself opening up to new romantic experiences. After spending some considerable time with her professional competitor Dr Jackson, a celebrity dermatologist and a show-off, Nalini begins to see the other side of his character.

The Indian mother comes to let go of her mourning as she finds companionship with Dr Jackson, a single father. They form mutual bonding and start dating, releasing that Dr Jackson is not as pompous and Nalini is highly qualified.

However, Devi soon comes to know and throws a fit as she is angry about her mom replacing her dad so soon. Following that, Nalini breaks up with Dr Jackson, who appears to be genuinely disappointed at her decision, bringing an end to their relationship.

All might not be lost just yet. Nalini’s Indian mother-in-law takes her side, enforcing the idea that she has every right to date whoever she wants to and if she wishes to. This relationship segment stays dormant thereon, but with Devi’s newfound understanding of maturity, sparks might fly again.

Kamala’s marriage proposal

Devi’s hotter nerd cousin Kamala always had the best of both worlds – brain and beauty. Her last romantic endeavour ended with her arranged marriage set up with a handsome Indian guy, Prashant.

This season Kamala has a lot on her plate, especially on her professional side, as her boss decides to cut her off from essential research sections and put her up for petty jobs. Furthermore, he takes credit for the work she has done. Meek and docile Kamala takes a page from her hot-headed cousin and stands up to the professional unfairness before quitting.

However, it seems that is not the only thing she would quit. Prashant, her fiance, comes to LA to spend time with her but fails to perceive the horrible behaviour of Kamala’s colleagues and continually urges her to just “play the game”. He further asks her to keep her chin up while keeping her head down, and Kamala slowly starts to lose interest in the relationship.

Towards the end, owing to her more courageous attitude, she secretly walks out of her proposal dinner that her future in-laws came all the way from India for. It gives a new character development to the character who is not ready to settle for an arranged marriage and might be open to new romantic adventures.

Devi’s relationship situation

Ever since the end of the first season, the question has been brewing as to who Devi ends up dating – Ben or Paxton? As Season 2 unfolds, Devi comes to put herself in a pickle but slyly dating both the guys – one feeding her “super brainy side” while the other tending to her “mega horny side”.

But all doesn’t stay so rosy. At Devi’s going-away rager party, Ben and Paxton come to know that they are being two-timed, and the relationships are off. Things turn difficult with the appearance of a ‘better’ version of Devi, another Indian girl, Aneesa (Megan Suri).

Ben, heartbroken and angry at Devi’s betrayal, soon finds himself liking Aneesa and begins dating her. On the other hand, Paxton loses his swimming scholarship chances due to an accident during Devi’s party and has to rely on school grades to get a chance at a decent college.

He starts getting tutored by Devi as a favour for what she has done to him and very soon improves. Paxton and Devi start hooking up in secret as he says he doesn’t like PDA – more like being embarrassed of Devi.

Devi sees a dream about her late father saying that she deserves much better than someone embarrassed by her and decides to break up with the handsome jerk.

Paxton, soon realising the err of his ways, comes to dance with Devi at the winter high-school dance and expresses his feelings for her. Ben seemed visibly sad after learning that Devi was pursuing him until finally going for Paxton.

It ends on a cliffhanger with the possibility of seeing Devi and Paxton as a couple in the next season.

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