Collar Bomb ending explained: Who is Rita?

Disney + Hotstar’s new release ‘Collar Bomb’ explores the dark side of justice and human nature, where love and vulnerability give way to blood-thirsty vengeance.

SHO Manoj Hesi has become a celebrated cop in the Sanawar area of Himachal Pradesh after solving a case of abduction in the town.

A year later, when he is called to the town school to honour him for bringing the case to justice, all hell breaks loose. A suicide bomber, Ali, captures the children in school at gunpoint with a bomb strapped to his chest.

The only one who can save them is Hesi, with skeletons in his closet and much more at stake. With a mastermind guiding him towards a series of ghastly crimes in exchange for the lives of innocent students, his choices are only a few.

Can Manoj Hesi save the children? Who is the mastermind, and what is its demand?

Haseen Dillruba ending explained in detail:

Past Misdeeds

The plotline of the movie revolves around the “purana paap” (old sins) of the celebrated cop, Manoj Hesi (Jimmy Sheirgill).

Everything that is happening is connected to the one-year-old case related to the abduction of a young girl, her death, and her abductor’s encounter.

As the story progresses, glimpses of the old case are shown, building up the layer of guilt and the sense that something is wrong with it.

According to the narrative, the young girl and her friend were harassed by a boy when she managed to run off to the jungle nearby, closely trailed by the harasser. No one could locate her or her body despite multiple search parties until one day, Hesi and his subordinate got sight of a boy who ‘fit the profile’ of an unlawful drug addict.

They managed to capture the figure, who kept repeating along the lines of “the princess is in deep sleep under the ground”, implying the obvious. In anger, Hesi slams the guy to the wall of his home, which had an exposed nail. Unknowingly, though, the boy dies in his hand, his skull punctured by the nail.

Hesi and his associate arrange a false story of an encounter and shut down the case to hide the truth. The truth appears to have a different turn, though.

The Rescue

The suicide bomber, Ali (Sparsh Shrivastav), under the guidance of mastermind Rita, has taken the children of the school hostage. The clause is life for life. He makes a strange demand that if the parents want to save their child, either the mother or the father has to die.

To rescue the children trapped inside, the Indian Armed Reserve Force was brought in. They tried to infiltrate the school from a different route but were unsuccessful. A trap had been laid on the closed tunnel-like route with poisonous gas that claimed the lives of two of their soldiers.

On the other hand, Hesi is sent out on a gory mission. Upon completing the first mission, his son is released, but it comes with the price of another’s father. He tries to follow a trail searching for the mastermind and manages to speak with her, Rita.

Ultimately, his last mission was to rescue the suicide bomber Ali. He takes Sumitra (Asha Negi), a police officer, as pretend hostage to trick the mastermind. In the process, the commander of IAF, who was close behind, gets killed. Sumitra is shot with the bomb transferred to her body, but ultimately the remaining children are saved.

The Revelation

However, a huge truth is lurking behind the scenes. The entire incident is connected to the one-year-old encounter case, and it appears Hesi’s truth was only one side of it.

The boy, whom Hesi has tagged as the abductor since he “fits the profile” of an unlawful drug addict, turns out to be the son of the mastermind, Rita (Rajshree Deshpande). The wayward young guy was mentally ill, and society deemed him the culprit without a second thought.

Rita, who had recently been reunited with her son, was devastated at his death. She had witnessed the fake encounter and captured it on her phone. She decided to take revenge when she saw the town hail her son’s killer; she wanted revenge from the people of the entire town.

The true story, as revealed later, showed that the young girl had a fallout with her best friend and, in a fight, had fallen into the well from where her body was recovered. Her best friend hid the truth and pinned the entire story on the innocent boy. The police didn’t try to uncover the truth but instead went with the story to hide their own crime. The doctor-in-charge changed the postmortem report, thus aiding in the entire crime.

The narrative ends with Hesi saving the town from Rita, who had ingested her self-made poison and jumped into the town’s water supply. However, the “purana paap” he had tried so hard to hide was flashed to the world as the crime video was broadcasted.

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