Naren: Jaane Jaan (Suspect X) character explained

Naren is one of the three main characters of Jaane Jaan (Suspect X). The film is an official Indian adaptation of the popular Japanese book The Devotion of Suspect X. Naren is played by Jaideep Ahlawat

Naren the genius

We see Naren’s first appearance in Maya D’Souza’s cafe, which he frequents because he is secretly in love with her. They live in West Bengal’s Kalimpong.

Even the staff at Maya’s cafe realises this, but she is unable to see the truth. Naren is also her neighbour and keeps tabs on her.

One day, Maya’s ex-husband, Ajit, tries to extort money from her and force her daughter, Tara, to become a stripper, just as he had done to Maya in the past. Together, they fend him off and strangle him to death.

Naren realises that they have killed him. He warns them that it will be tough to escape the police with a dead body in their house.

Offering to help them, Naren provides instructions that create evidence and alibi for Maya and Tara on the night of the murder.

Naren vs Karan

Naren is confident that he can easily outwit the police. However, he is clearly concerned when his former classmate Karan arrives in Kalimpong to find Ajit, who has been named in a Hawala case.

He recognises Karan as a proficient cop and knows he will prove to be a formidable opponent. Naren warns Maya about Karan.

Karan quickly identifies Maya as his prime suspect when he realises she is his ex-wife. Naren secretly instructs Maya after Karan’s every move.

He has known the cop for years and is aware that he will stop at nothing till he exposes Maya for the murder.

The Devotion of Suspect X

Just when the evidence is about to prove Maya’s innocence, Karan stumbles upon the fact that Naren is in love with Maya.

He connects the dots and deduces that the mastermind behind Maya’s impeccable trail of evidence and alibi is none other than his former classmate.

Accepting that there is now only one way to protect Maya, Naren confesses that he was the one who killed Ajit, but did it on Maya’s instructions.

He deliberately makes statements that show he is mentally unstable and Maya’s stalker, who just assumed that she wanted him to kill Ajit. He becomes suspect X to acquit Maya.

In truth, it was all planned. He showed Karan and the police a false truth. He even burnt a separate body and placed Ajit’s clothes on him for DNA tracing.

This misled the forensic department, which assumed the murder was committed on the night of 10th, when Maya and Tara had a strong alibi, even though Ajit was actually killed on the 9th.

Naren is finally arrested and confesses to Maya that she was the one who saved him first. Someone had solved a math problem just two days before him, which had taken 10 years of his life.

He was about to hang himself, when Maya showed up at his door, becoming his second love and reason to live. He was willing to go to any length to save the woman who saved him.

In the end, Naren’s devotion knew no bounds. After saving his love, he tackles a mathematics problem in jail that will take 15 years, returning to his first love once more.

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