What happens to Naksu and Mu-deok in Alchemy of Souls part 2?

In the second part of ‘Alchemy of Souls’, new revelations are made regarding the death of Naksu and Mu-deok. The first three episodes are now streaming on Netflix.

Naksu, a soul shifter, had shifted her soul into the body of a blind girl, Mu-deok, in the first part of ‘Alchemy of Souls’. However, Jang Uk, a member of a noble family, discovered her secret.

He promised to keep her secret if she became his teacher. After a rocky start, they fell in love and planned to get married. It all went wrong when Jin Mu took control of Naksu’s soul in Mu-deok’s body and forced her to kill several people, including Jang Uk.

Since Naksu’s soul ran wild, Mu-deok’s body started petrifying, and they both were assumed dead; Jang Uk never witnessed their death. However, the body was pulled out of Lake Gyeongcheondaeho before it could petrify completely.

What happens to Mu-deok?

When Mu-deok’s body was found by Jin Ho-gyeong, she called Master Lee to take a look at it. Mu-deok is Bu-yeon, the long-lost daughter of Jin Ho-gyeong.

Mu-deok Alchemy of Souls
Mu-deok’s petrifying body in Lake Gyeongcheondaeho

Master Lee told her that Naksu’s soul is still inside the body. He reasons that Naksu did not use the alchemy of souls to take over Mu-deok’s body, but her soul was locked up inside it.

The only way to keep Mu-deok’s body alive is by using Naksu’s energy and getting rid of Mu-deok’s soul, which is still clinging to the body. 

To keep her daughter’s body, which possesses divine powers, alive, Jin Ho-gyeong chooses Naksu’s soul over Mu-deok’s, killing Mu-deok in the process.

What happens to Naksu?

When Mu-deok’s body with Naksu’s soul inside it recovers, it starts looking more and more like Naksu. 

Naksu Alchemy of Souls
The recovering body starts resembling Naksu

As the body is new, Naksu loses her memories. Similarly, the body loses its powers. However, if Naksu ever regains her memories in the future, the body will regain its powers, and Naksu will be able to use them.

Jin Ho-gyeong tells Naksu that she is her eldest daughter, Bu-yeon, and keeps her locked in a room so that no one will ever discover her true identity. 

In the second part of ‘Alchemy of Souls’, Naksu is living as Bu-yeon, the heir to Jinyowon. She even meets Jang Uk, but the two fail to recognize each other as Naksu does not remember him and her body no longer looks like Mu-deok.

Jang Uk believes that Naksu is dead; he is still mourning her death three years later. He decides to help Bu-yeon regain her memories and powers because he needs her help in destroying the Ice Stone inside him.

Bu-yeon and Naksu are played by Go Yoon-jung. The actor, despite having big shoes to fill, made it very easy for the audience to like her in just a few episodes. 

Her performance has been excellent so far. It is to be seen how she would develop in the upcoming episodes.

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