Alchemy of Souls part 2 episode 3 recap & review

In the third episode of part two of ‘Alchemy of Souls’, Jang Uk takes Bu-yeon to live with him as his wife, while her mother tries to bring her back. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


When Jang Uk claims that Bu-yeon is his wife, he faces opposition from Jin Ho-gyeong and other members of the Unanimous Assembly. He challenges them to try to stop him as he takes his wife with him.

To avoid conflict, Bu-yeon lies that she is pregnant. Nobody can catch her lie as it can only be ensured whether she is pregnant or not after 21 days. Since Jang Uk is married to Bu-yeon, the Assembly decides that there is no need to transfer Jinyowon to another family.

Bu-yeon tries to light the Jinyowon lantern again, but she fails. However, when she touches Jang Uk’s sword, she sees flashes of the past and accidentally lights it up. 

Jang Uk witnesses this and asks her to try again. She makes the flame flicker and states that now that she is no longer locked up in a room, she must be getting her memories and her powers back.

She tells him that she hoped he would come for her despite her not being of any use to him, but he asks her to give up her hopes. She kisses him, asking him not to resent her for being married to him.

Bu-yeon feels pain in her shoulder, where her mother had sewed the tracking thread in her flesh. Maidservant Kim takes care of her, but no medicine helps with the pain.

Even then, Bu-yeon refuses to go back to her mother, who is summoning her and making the pain worse. Jang Uk storms into Jinyowon and breaks the thread for good.

When Bu-yeon gains consciousness, she thinks of letting Jang Uk know that the pain is gone. However, when he sees her coming, he pretends that he is going to sleep, making her think that he does not care about her.

Since Bu-yeon resembles Naksu but her build and aura are different, Jin Mu decides to test whether she really is Bu-yeon. He orders So-i to bring her to him in exchange for the medicine that she needs.

So-i, the owner of a gambling den who is involved in illegal businesses, has been sending that medicine to Yul.

Jang Uk asks Maidservant Kim to get married since he himself is married now. She knows that Jang Uk is not ready to let go of his past; he still keeps the red bird egg where he was stabbed

He shared the yin-and-yang jade with Naksu; she kept the blue one, and he kept the red one. He assures Maidservant Kim that Naksu has never called him using the jade.

The next day, Bu-yeon is introduced to Master Heo, Park Jin, and Dang-gu as Jang Uk’s betrothed since Maidservant Kim wants to have a proper wedding ceremony for them. She proves to them that she can see everyone’s energy.

Dang-gu tells her that it was Jang Uk who went to Jinyowon and broke the thread last night. She goes looking for Jang Uk in the Dark Forest; Jang Uk builds a stone tower there every time he kills a soul shifter.

She does not find him there, but she remembers something, making her eyes glint blue for a second. The stones fall from a tower, and she finds the blue jade that belonged to Naksu.

When she is walking with the jade, So-i sends someone to snatch it from her, making Bu-yeon follow the man. She wants to lead her to Jin Mu, who plans on reading her mind.

However, following the jade’s energy, Bu-yeon reaches So-i’s den and tells her that she can see energies around her. So-i locks her in the room and leaves when Yul, who had come to meet So-i, enters the room and rescues her.

Upon finding out that he is Jang Uk’s childhood friend, she asks him about the existence of a soul shifter with blue eyes who could see without having sight.

When he tells her that it was Naksu, and she stabbed Jang Uk and killed him, she assumes that they were enemies.

So-i reports Bu-yeon’s powers to Jin Mu, who along with Jin U-tak had thrown her into the lake years ago. He threatens So-i, who put a blood parasite in her body and pretended to be Bu-yeon, to do his bidding.

He helped turn So-i into a victim of Jin U-tak’s crimes. She now needs his medicine to stay alive.

The queen, depressed about her aging body, harasses her court ladies. Jin Mu tells her that he plans to summon Naksu’s soul to separate Bu-yeon from Jang Uk. They will then get access to Jinyowon’s relic through which they would get the Ice Stone from the sky.

Meanwhile, Go Won meets Bu-yeon in the market, and Master Lee restores wells that have been deliberately dried up with the use of magic.

Park Jin tells Jang Uk to meet Sang-ho, who witnessed Naksu’s death, and ask him to recount the incident. He tells him to mourn her death, and if he still wishes to give up his life, Park Jin will let him.

Bu-yeon keeps waiting for Jang Uk to come home, but he never returns. Taking Maidservant Kim’s advice, she decides to go to Jeongjingak to meet Jang Uk and inform him about the new memory.

Sun-i tries to dissuade Bu-yeon from going for the sake of her Lady Heo, who sees the blue jade in Bu-yeon’s hand.

She tells her that it belonged to Naksu. She further advises a clueless Bu-yeon to put energy into it and call Jang Uk to find out why nobody believes that he wants to get married to her.

Bu-yeon calls him to the Dark Forest using the jade. He rushes there thinking that it is Naksu who is calling him but finds Bu-yeon standing near Naksu’s stone tower.

She realizes that he did not come here for her. She then tells him that she regained another memory which made her believe that they have liked each other for a long time.


  • Bu-yeon’s character never disappoints; she delivers hilarious lines in the most unexpected fashion. 
  • Jang Uk’s character was extremely predictable and cliché in this episode. Viewers could predict almost all of his actions beforehand.
  • This episode does a good job of indicating that Jin Ho-gyeong does not care for Bu-yeon as a mother. She is just obsessed with getting a powerful heir for Jinyowon and her daughter’s powers.
Alchemy of Souls part 2 episode 3
Alchemy of Souls part 2 episode 3 recap & review 1

Director: Joon Hwa Park

Date Created: 2022-12-17 23:22

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