Mora’s death in Disenchantment part 5 explained

In Disenchantment part 5, Bean ends up killing Mora, the woman she loves, but her death is only temporary.

Mora is a mermaid who has saved Bean’s life on multiple occasions. She rescues Bean once again when Dagmar tries to kill her by pushing her off the balcony. After that, Mora and Bean, who have feelings for each other, start dating.

When Bean goes back to the surface to defeat her evil mother, Mora accompanies her. When the time comes to fight Dagmar and Bad Bean and stop them from harnessing the magic of Dreamland, various creatures, including mermaids, fight alongside Bean. However, this does not end well for Mora.

Mora’s accidental death

Bean struggles to defeat Bad Bean, as they both are the same person. Bad Bean can easily predict Bean’s moves, and Bean fails to gain the upper hand. Bean then decides to be creative.

Bean tries to use science to kill Bad Bean, but she fails. On the other hand, Bad Bean uses magic to trick Bean. She makes Bean follow her to the place where Bean’s army is fighting Dagmar’s army.

She then allows Bean to pin her down, and just when Bean is about to stab her, Bad Bean uses magic to switch positions with Mora. Due to that, Bean ends up stabbing Mora in the heart instead of Bad Bean.

Disenchantment Mora's death
Bean stabs Mora

By the time Bean realizes that Bad Bean is not the one who was stabbed, it is too late. Bean helplessly watches her girlfriend die in her arms. She then manages to kill Bad Bean, but that does not change the fact that Mora is dead.

Coming back to life

After losing Mora, Bean is too heartbroken to do anything for a while. She does not join her friends in controlling Dreamland’s magic, which has started leaking everywhere. Bean’s friends try to stop Dagmar from getting that magic, and Luci is killed in the process.

Luci goes to Heaven once again and meets Jerry there. When God refuses to intervene in the battle between Dagmar and Bean and allows things to get worse for Bean, Jerry throws a brick at God and breaks his head, which is a light bulb.

This leads to the whole universe shutting down and darkness falling everywhere. Luci and Jerry try to find a way to rectify the situation and stumble upon various kinds of light bulbs. Luci helps Jerry replace God’s broken head with a new light bulb, and God comes back to life.

Luci’s actions impress God, and he is asked to wish for anything. Instead of using the wish for himself, Luci wishes for Mora to come back to life because he loves Bean and thinks that she deserves love.

God brings Mora back to life, and Bean reunites with the woman she loves after defeating her mother. Satan also removes Bean and Mora’s names from the Book of the Dead, which means that the two of them will probably never die. Mora and Bean then go on to live happily ever after.

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