Disenchantment part 5 summary and ending explained

Disenchantment part 5 sees Bean and her friends overcoming several challenges to stop her evil mother, Queen Dagmar, and save Dreamland. The final part of Disenchantment is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

After pushing Bean off a balcony, Dagmar assumes that Bean is dead. Dagmar needs Bean to achieve her goals. Fortunately, she still has Bad Bean’s head, so she can use her, but first, she needs to find the rest of her body to bring her back to life.

Bean’s friends find out that Bean has been killed and hide Bad Bean’s body to prevent Dagmar from finding it. However, Bean is still alive. She was saved by Mora, the mermaid who occasionally shows up to save Bean. It turns out that Bean and Mora are in love with each other.

While Dagmar rules Dreamland with her husband, Satan, Derek is still in P.T. McGee’s captivity and Bean’s father, King Zøg, is in a prison in Steamland. King Zøg manages to escape, and Bean, who returns to her friends with her girlfriend, comes to know where he is and goes to save him.

Bean meets Oona and Alva on her journey. Alva, who is now dating Archdruidess but still wants to be with Bean, leads Bean to King Zøg, but he later tries to use Bean’s powers against her wishes. With the help of her powers, Bean manages to escape with Mora and her father.

The Trøgs find Bad Bean’s headless body and feed it goo, which turns Bad Bean into an indestructible creature. The body chases Bean’s friends, who cannot stop it. Dagmar finally gets the body, but Bean’s friends manage to steal the head.

Bean, her father, and Mora go to save Derek and Bear Boy. They manage to rescue King Zøg’s sons and Ursula, King Zøg’s true love, who is still alive. While running away from P.T. McGee, Mora and Bean get separated.

Mora, with a little help from Oona, takes all the rescued people to Dreamland, while Bean and King Zøg have to deal with Freckles, who turns out to be Bean’s brother. It is also revealed that Satan, who keeps disappointing Dagmar, is Luci’s father. 

At the same time, Elfo wants to go back in time to stop the person who shot him with an arrow because Dagmar makes him believe that none of this would have happened if he had not died back then. 

Elfo uses a magic crystal ball and goes back in time. He gets ready to shoot the person who shot him in the past and ends up shooting himself accidentally. He then realizes that he was killed because of himself.

Mop Girl cheers up an upset Elfo, and they start liking each other. Elfo finds out that she has pointed ears, but they do not know anything about her parents. The two of them then start dating.

On the other hand, Bean and King Zøg end up in Maru, where they meet Prudence, Queen of the Crones. She tells them that Maru used to be a magical place, but Dagmar’s family seized control of Maru. They squeezed the magic out of the land and its people. 

Dagmar continued ruling Maru with devil magic by making a deal with Hell, so Bean’s lightning is possibly evil, but she can make Maru great again. Bean gets trained by Prudence and masters her powers. She defeats Becky and Cloyd and frees Maru from them. Thanks to her, Maru regains its beauty.

Bean and King Zøg face one more challenge before they return to Dreamland. They are captured and admitted to the Twinkletown Insane Asylum, where King Zøg was earlier kept. There, they meet Big Jo, who helps Bean and her father.

Bean comes to terms with the fact that she might have to wipe out her mother’s existence and choose between her own death and Dreamland when the time comes. Bean then uses her powers to break out of the asylum with her father and Big Jo. 

Meanwhile, Bean’s friends rally all the creatures of Dreamland and form an army to defeat Dagmar, and Dagmar brings Bad Bean to life after finding her head. By the time Bean arrives, Dagmar is all set to harness the magic of Dreamland, which is the perfect combination of the holy waters from Heaven and the steam vapors from Hell.

Disenchantment part 5 ending explained in detail:

Does Bean kill Bad Bean?

When Bean’s army clashes with her mother’s army, Bean fights Bad Bean. Despite her training, Bean is unable to kill Bad Bean. While fighting Bad Bean, Bean reaches the place where the holy waters from Heaven and the steam vapors from Hell get combined and create magic.

Bean thinks that science is magic and tries to use it to kill the evil version of herself, but she fails. Bad Bean then uses magic to swap places with Mora just when Bean manages to stab Bad Bean.

It is not Bad Bean who is killed, but Mora. After watching her girlfriend die in her arms, an upset and angry Bean unleashes her powers and destroys every person in her mother’s army in her vicinity. She finally manages to kill Bad Bean.

Does Bean defeat Dagmar?

After using every bit of her power to kill Bad Bean, Bean is held captive by Dagmar. Bean’s friends try to get her to fight her mother and save Dreamland, but Bean is grieving Mora’s death and does not join them, even though they tell her that magic is leaking everywhere in Dreamland.

Bean’s friends try to stop Dagmar on their own, and Dagmar ends up killing Luci. This leads to Satan leaving Dagmar as well as Bean deciding to fight her mother, who has now stolen Dreamland’s magic. 

Bean goes to fight her mother. She thinks that she can defeat her with the power of love, but she fails yet again. However, Dagmar also fails to kill Bean, who refuses to give up until she has killed her mother.

When Dagmar finds out that Bean is alive, she chases her and Elfo. They end up at the place where the holy waters from Heaven and the steam vapors from Hell create magic. Dagmar injures Elfo and is about to kill Bean when Oona comes to her rescue.

Bean makes up her mind to wipe out magic to save Dreamland. She uses her powers to destroy the place where magic is created and uses the last of her strength to stab her mother with a crystal, which prevents her from moving. Oona, Bean, and Elfo make it out alive, whereas Dagmar stays stuck there.

Is Mora dead or alive?

After his death, Luci goes to Heaven once again. There, he meets Jerry, who had earlier died. Jerry gets sick of God watching everything that is going on in Dreamland and not doing anything to help Bean and her friends, so he hits God with his lucky brick.

He breaks God’s head, which is a light bulb, and the whole universe shuts down. Luci manages to awaken God again by replacing the broken bulb with a new one. Furthermore, he refuses to take credit. This impresses God, and Luci is granted one wish.

Luci wishes for Mora to come back to life, as he loves Bean and wants her to be happy. God makes it come true, and Mora comes back to life. Bean not only defeats her mother but also gets her girlfriend back.

What happens to all the characters?

Bean and the people of Dreamland celebrate their victory and Dagmar’s defeat. Bean announces that she is stepping down as the queen, much to everyone’s disappointment. Furthermore, King Zøg has decided to live in the forest with Ursula and their son.

Bean makes King Rulo the new king of Dreamland. However, King Rulo is moving back to Elfwood, so he makes Mop Girl the next ruler. Mop Girl is the new queen of Dreamland, Elfo is her consort, and Merkimer is the prime minister. 

Alvo had earlier come to Dreamland with his rocket. He wishes to kidnap Bean and go to the Moon with her, so he buys goo from the Trøgs. However, instead of kidnapping Bean, the Trøgs force Alvo into his rocket, where Archdruidess is waiting for him, and go to the Moon with him. Alvo is now stuck on the Moon with Archdruidess.

When the day of Bean and Mora’s wedding comes, the two of them decide to run away together, as they both hate weddings. Instead of Mora and Bean, Sorcerio and Odval end up getting married. Elfo’s parents also get married, and Merkimer gets a girlfriend.

Derek becomes a pirate like his mother and sails with her. Satan visits Dagmar and gives her the option to accompany him to Hell. As she refuses to change and is still as selfish as ever, she is locked up in a prison with Freckles and left to hang from a cliff for all eternity. 

Furthermore, Satan removes Bean, Mora, and Luci’s names from the Book of the Dead. Bean and Mora are seen living together happily, and God gives Luci angel wings as well as a halo. Finally, Mop Girl orders the drawbridge to be closed, and Dreamland disappears from sight.

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