Monster High 2 summary and ending explained

In Monster High 2, Clawdeen must learn to be a supportive friend to Draculaura and save her from a dangerous foe before it is too late. The film is now streaming on Paramount+.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

It is the beginning of Clawdeen’s sophomore year at Monster High. Clawdeen is quite popular now, as a ghoul made a video about how she has transformed Monster High and posted it on social media. This year, the school is more inclusive and welcomes all kinds of monsters. 

A werecat named Toralei Stripe, who studied abroad last year, returns to Monster High. Toralei has always been a popular student, but she does not like the idea of humans getting to study at Monster High. Due to this, Toralei gets off on the wrong foot with Clawdeen.

A lot of new students come to Monster High, and they all admire Clawdeen. One of the new students is Ellis, a vampire who practices witchcraft like Draculaura. Ellis and Draculaura become good friends, as they understand each other.

For this year’s school prefect candidates, Monster High chooses Toralei and Clawdeen. The school will be observing the two candidates and filling their tally skulls. The candidate who reaches the top first will become the prefect. 

Clawdeen’s mother was also the school prefect when she was a student at Monster High. Now Clawdeen wants to follow in her footsteps. Clawdeen’s friends decide to help her win against Toralei, who will make the school worse if she becomes the prefect.

One night, two witches come looking for Draculaura. While Clawdeen and Frankie are able to protect their friend, the intrusion raises alarm. Toralei and her supporters believe that witches are dangerous and have no place in Monster High, as monsters are prejudiced against witches.

Due to this, the headmistress puts a ban on witchcraft on campus, much to Clawdeen and her friends’ disappointment. The incident as well as Clawdeen favoring witches leads to Toralei gaining more supporters.

Clawdeen then asks Draculaura to accept the ban until she becomes the prefect, as that is what everyone wants. This upsets Draculaura, who is not willing to hide herself once again. 

Draculaura meets Ellis, who reveals that he is a human witch, not a vampire witch. His mother is Queen Zamara and leads the Salem Coven. Unlike other witches, she wants to end the war between vampires and witches. 

Vampires and witches have been fighting since forever. Their war started when a vampire and a witch fell in love. The vampire wanted to be human for the witch, so the witch gave the vampire a mortality spell, but something went wrong.

The spell turned out to be a mortality curse, which killed thousands of vampires. Witches and vampires blamed each other and started a war that never ended. Queen Zamara wants Draculaura to join her in ending the war.

Draculaura agrees to join forces with her and runs away with Ellis. As it is Draculaura’s birthday the next day, her father will be coming to meet her. When Clawdeen and Frankie find out about all this, they, along with Deuce and Heath, go to Seattle to bring Draculaura back.

Cleo gives an insect that can detect magical energy, Bastet, to Clawdeen to take with her. In Ellis’s room, they come to know about a company called Coleman Eves, which is the Salem Coven. Ellis has taken Draculaura there.

Queen Zamara meets Draculaura and asks to stay with them for a day. Witches from all over the world will be coming there the next day, and she wants Draculaura to give a speech about peace. Draculaura wants the war to end, so she agrees.

Clawdeen seeks her father’s help to break into the company and find Draculaura. However, Draculaura refuses to go back to school with her friends, even though she will be expelled if she does not return. Draculaura thinks that this is her chance to make a difference.

Clawdeen and Frankie fail to change Draculaura’s mind and return to school. In Clawdeen’s absence, Toralei has gained a lot of supporters. It is time for the final speeches of the candidates, and this is Clawdeen’s last chance to become the prefect.

Instead of being prejudiced and saying what everyone wants to hear, Clawdeen speaks in favor of witches and witchcraft. She encourages students to stand against ignorance and says that she is proud of her best friend, who practices witchcraft.

When Draculaura hears her speech online, she decides to go back to school and support her friend. However, she realizes that Queen Zamara has been lying to her. She wants to use Draculaura to win the war against vampires, so she takes her captive.

Monster High 2 ending explained in detail:

What is Queen Zamara’s plan?

When Draculaura is kidnapped, Bastet sends Cleo a warning. Frankie had overheard two witches talking when she and Clawdeen had gone to the Salem Coven. She now figures out that Queen Zamara plans to use Draculaura to cast the mortality curse, which will kill all vampires.

Once Draculaura comes of age at midnight, Queen Zamara will make her cast the curse, as only a vampire can cast it. It turns out that Queen Zamara has been planning this for years. 

She made Draculaura find a spell book when she was a child, which made Draculaura interested in witchcraft. Queen Zamara did not even tell her whole plan to Ellis, who thought that his mother was only going to blackmail Dracula. 

Queen Zamara locks Draculaura in a cage of wraith silver, a metal that is lethal to monsters, to prevent her from escaping. She then uses a spell to control Draculaura’s mind and makes her cast the curse.

Does Queen Zamara succeed in killing all vampires?

Draculaura’s friends come to her rescue once again. This time, Toralei also joins them. With Clawdeen’s father’s help, they are able to find where Draculaura is being held, and Frankie uses her new powers to open the gate of that room.

Now that Ellis knows what his mother plans to do, he sides with Draculaura’s friends. He uses his magic to hold his mother back while Clawdeen and Frankie try to break the spell that Queen Zamara has cast on Draculaura.

As they are running out of time, Clawdeen risks her life and breaks the cage made of wraith silver to bring Draculaura back to her senses. The moment she touches Draculaura, Queen Zamara’s spell breaks, and Draculaura stops casting the spell. Draculaura then uses her magic to defeat Queen Zamara.

What brings the Grim Reaper to Monster High?

The wraith silver almost kills Clawdeen. She sees the Grim Reaper, who asks her to go with him, but Clawdeen chooses to go back to her friends and live. Clawdeen wakes up and reconciles with Draculaura.

Draculaura also forgives Ellis and lets her father take care of Queen Zamara. She finally gets to celebrate her birthday with her close friends, the way she wanted.

This incident convinces Toralei that magic can be useful when used by good people. Clawdeen becomes the school prefect, and Toralei starts respecting her because she risked her life to save her friend.

Deuce informs Clawdeen that he is leaving school for a year for Gorgodium, a ritual performed by gorgons to come of age. Just when Deuce is about to cross the portal, the Grim Reaper comes out to claim the dead. He is determined not to be cheated again.

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