Lupin Part 3 summary and ending explained

Lupin Part 3 follows Assane Diop’s efforts at mending matters with his family that he wishes to get to safety, just as figures from his past surface complicate things.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

To fix things for Claire and Raoul, Assane devises a plan to get them out of France but executing such high-stakes plans comes with a certain set of risks. He begins by stealing the Black Pearl, something he was unable to do in the past.

The next step is to fake his own death like Lupin and Assane, with the help of Benjamin and his trusted contacts, executes that flawlessly. However, Guédira and Raoul can’t buy that Assane has perished yet.

Out of nowhere, Assane is faced with a crisis involving someone very important to him. It’s his mother who has been kidnapped by an unknown new enemy. He tries to outmaneuver this enemy while keeping tabs on his family.

Assane manages to get close to the captor but the main man is nowhere to be seen. He’s again forced to do their bidding if he wishes for his mother to survive. This bidding involves theft and betraying those close to him.

This leads to Assane having to betray Ben in a series of moves that break his heart. Meanwhile, Claire investigates her presumably dead husband’s state of being.

Guédira is offered to lend a hand in exchange for Assane’s surrender, and he accepts it. Assane eventually figures out who his enemy is, as he races to save his family from impending deaths. Mariama frees herself.

Assane has a sweet family reunion before heading off to ensure his family and friends’ safety and well-being, but a new threat from an old enemy is just around the corner. With that, Lupin Part 3 concludes.

Lupin Part 3 ending explained in detail:

Why did Assane’s mother leave him?

Assane Diop’s mother remained in Senegal back in 1995 when her husband and son made it to the UK. Her objective in life now was to save up enough money to come unite with them.

However, the boss of the textile company she worked for cut employees’ pay in half. When she pushed back, she got fired. So she decided to steal the money she and others deserved. However, she was caught and sent to prison.

She responds to her son Assane’s phone call from prison. She is ashamed and unable to be with him. So she tells him to have a good future and forget about her.

Assane’s mother never wanted to leave her son but had to be away from him due to most unfortunate developments. After her release, she has nothing to her name so she turns to a life of thievery and becomes really great at it.

Decades later, she comes to the UK and attends her son’s funeral, but shortly after that, she’s kidnapped by Keller’s men, marking the beginning of the conflict of Lupin Part 3.

Who is Keller?

Keller is the owner of the boxing club and heads shady operations driven by a number of orphan kids he unofficially adopts into his “family” and grooms them to commit illegal acts to make money.

Assane’s friend Bruno introduces Assane to Keller and the latter is shortly impressed by the new lad. As time passes by, Assane’s growing proximity to Keller sows resentment and jealousy inside Bruno, leading to Keller having them box each other.

Sometime later, Keller forces the two kids to pull off a big heist on the Football World Cup Finals, something they don’t want to do. They have to, though, as Keller doesn’t like no for an answer.

Following their act, police chase them and Keller forces Bruno to shoot the cop, and inadvertently, Bruno fires at the policeman on the bike. Moments later, Keller also crashes their own car due to the chaos.

Assane pulls Bruno out of the car and plants the gun into Keller’s hands, before darting off with his friend as the police arrive and arrest Keller.

To kill a cop, he gets 25 years in prison. His return marks the beginning of his revenge against Assane. This crucial part of the backstory is finally unveiled in the final episode of Lupin Part 3.

Does Assane reunite with his family?

No, Assane doesn’t get to properly reunite with his family, albeit a brief one, before his final measures to ensure their safe passage out of France.

First, he gets the Minister of Interiors, who’s a corrupt politician, to free Manon out of jail, by stealing all his confidential secrets that can incriminate him and cause him a heap of problems.

Manon gets out of prison and Assane gets her to turn on Keller, which takes some convincing before she realizes that Keller’s been an abuser and a groomer to her and many others like her.

She calls Keller, informing him of her release and of a buyer she’s found for the Black Pearl who’s gonna meet them at the Arc de Triomphe. He goes there at night but meets Assane instead, who offers a deal.

Either Keller gets arrested by the police who Diop tipped off himself, or hands the pearl to him, which would ensure he doesn’t get arrested by the police for it either.

He hands over the pearl and Assane bolts, successfully getting the pearl to Bruno’s hands. Meanwhile, Keller does end up getting arrested for the attempted murder of Ferdinand Marchal, one of his trusted men who failed to kill Assane or his wife.

Assane gets his mother, wife, and son to head off to the airport to book a flight out of France, with a total of four tickets. The fourth one, however, is not for him but for his best friend Benjamin, who gets out of prison too.

Lupin Part 3 ends as Assane hands himself over to Guédira, whom he promises to tell everything on several conditions, one of them being to release Benjamin Férel, citing how he had nothing to do with his heists.

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