Mimata Sakurako: Let’s Get Divorced character explained

In Let’s Get Divorced, Mimata Sakurako, who was initially known as the woman Taishi had an affair with, goes on to become a champion of women’s rights. Lisa Oda plays the role of Mimata Sakurako.

Mimata Sakurako is a TV news anchor. When Taishi started feeling insecure in his marriage, he cheated on his wife, Yui, with Mimata. The news of the affair soon became public, and Taishi’s relationship with Yui was ruined forever.

Taishi was not the only one whose life changed because of the affair; Mimata had to quit her job and become a freelance journalist. Despite everything that happened back then, Mimata and Taishi start sleeping together once again.

Taishi and Mimata’s relationship

When Taishi starts seeing Mimata for the second time, it becomes evident that he does not respect her or even care about her. Whenever Mimata calls him, he cannot resist going to her, but at the same time, he lies to her a lot.

Mimata wants Taishi to divorce Yui, and Taishi keeps assuring her that he will, but that does not happen for a long time. Even when he makes up his mind to get divorced, he is forced to work with Yui to win the elections, which makes Mimata doubt his intentions.

When Taishi repeats Mimata’s statement about the choices of female journalists in the media, he gets shamed by everyone. Even Mimata gives a public statement criticizing him, which implies that he is a failure.

Despite this, Taishi continues sleeping with her. Their affair only comes to an end when Mimata joins Soda’s party and stops meeting Taishi.

A budding politician

Mimata wants to be a politician because she is not getting much work as a freelance journalist. She discusses this with Taishi, who is not happy to hear this. 

On the other hand, Taishi’s political rival, Soda, thinks that she should raise her voice for all women and offers to let her join his party. 

Mimata wishes to inform Taishi about it, but when she meets him to speak to him, he gives her the impression that he is only there to sleep with her and is not interested in what she has to say.

He leaves without hearing her out and then finds out that she has joined the opposition party through the news. Mimata, as a political candidate, claims that she wants to overcome gender roles. She is sick of being used by men and wants to make a change.

When Mimata hears about Yui’s pregnancy, she gets furious because she thinks that Taishi was sleeping with both women at the same time. She feels manipulated and decides to get back at Taishi.

She had earlier asked a friend to click her and Taishi’s pictures when they met at a hotel. She now leaks these pictures to expose the fact that Taishi cheated on his wife again. 

Soda uses this scandal to Mimata’s benefit in the elections. Mimata looks like a victim when she claims that she pleaded with Taishi to end their relationship. It is also implied that there was a lack of consent in their relationship.

Let’s Get Divorced Mimata
Taishi apologizes to Mimata

After this, Mimata gains popularity, while Taishi’s reputation is in tatters. However, Taishi realizes his mistakes and apologizes to her for being inconsiderate for so long. His apology is sincere, so Mimata accepts it and admits that she was also at fault.

Taishi loses the elections, but Mimata wins. She keeps growing popular and being vocal about gender equality. She goes on to become the vice minister for the new equality for all office. This time, when Taishi returns to Congress, Mimata does not even spare him a glance. 

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