Through My Window: Across the Sea summary & ending explained

Through My Window: Across the Sea is a sequel to 2022’s Through My Window. It focuses on Ares and Raquel navigating a long-distance relationship as the former studies medicine in Stockholm. When the two reunite for a small vacation in the summer, they must face the brutalities of insecurities, rumors, and diminishing trust.

Plot summary

Picking up from where the first film left off, Through My Window: Across the Sea opens with Ares studying medicine in Stockholm. Meanwhile, Raquel is still in Barcelona and studying literature.

The two navigate the highs and lows of a long-distance relationship as Ares finds it difficult to cope with the pressures of his course. The two spend the whole year glued to their phones but drift apart a little due to their respective lives and commitments.

A silver lining comes in the form of Raquel’s teacher giving her positive feedback on her manuscript, Through My Window. She gives her a publisher’s contact information and encourages her to send them the draft.

As summer arrives, Ares surprises Raquel and decides to take her on a short vacation for the weekend. Soon, Yoshi and Daniela get the news and arrive on the scene to protect Raquel as they don’t trust Ares.

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Daniela is dating Ares’ younger brother Apolo so it’s easy for her to show up. Furthermore, Their eldest brother Artemis is secretly seeing the Hidalgo house help, Claudia, but isn’t able to publicly accept her as his girlfriend, much to her dismay.

Ares and Raquel get some much-needed private time and mutually decide to rediscover their slightly dented relationship. As the San Juan party draws near, certain revelations come as a shock to both lovers.

Ares notices Raquel’s classmate Gregory flirt with her, realizing she hasn’t told him about their relationship. He is also surprised that Raquel hasn’t told him about the manuscript. They spend a day on the Hidalgo family’s yacht and run into Ares’ classmate from Stockholm, Vera.

Things soon start getting awkward when Daniela sends Raquel a picture of Vera wearing one of Ares’ shirts in Stockholm. She brushes it off and decides to trust her boyfriend, but insecurities and an unfortunate series of events soon start getting the better of her.

Raquel notices Ares being distant towards her in Vera’s presence and gets more insecure. She also refuses to send her manuscript to the publisher, despite Yoshi’s encouragement.

Through My Window: Across the Sea ending explained in detail:

Does Ares cheat on Raquel?

Having had enough, Raquel initiates a game of spin the bottle and asks Ares and Vera about the shirt situation. The latter keeps quiet and Ares tries to talk to her in private.

He explains that he was having a hard time coping with everything in Stockholm, and Vera helped him with it. He met many friends through her and had a night when he got drunk.

The next thing he remembered was waking up next to Vera with her wearing his shirt. He swears he doesn’t remember anything and apologizes for messing up. Unfortunately, Raquel is livid and leaves.

Does Artemis accept Claudia?

Artemis is tense about his relationship with Claudia. Since she is the housemaid, he cannot bring himself to accept her in front of his family. Claudia is visibly upset because of this and wants him to treat her like a girlfriend.

Unfortunately, he loses motivation once the parents arrive. He later sees Claudia around another man and treats her rudely. When she misbehaves in front of his mother, Artemis fires her.

At the party, he realizes that the man he thought Claudia was seeing is married to her friend. He goes to apologize to her, but she kicks him out.

What happens to Yoshi?

Yoshi is hit upon by Gregory’s sister Anna. They hook up on the yacht, but Yoshi refuses her advances due to his feelings for Raquel, which he has harbored forever.

When things fall apart between Ares and Raquel, Yoshi sees some hope. Sadly, his plans fail when he sees Raquel getting cozy with Gregory at the party. He gets drunk, steals a bike, and accidentally rides off a cliff.

Meanwhile, Vera tells Ares that they did not have sex and just slept next to each other. Ares is furious with her for not clearing this up in Raquel’s presence, but before he can act further, he notices Yoshi’s accident.

He goes to try and save him, but it is too late. Raquel arrives on the spot and breaks down.

Do Ares and Raquel get back together?

At Yoshi’s funeral, Raquel is distraught and snaps at Ares for not being able to save him. He claps back at her by saying that it was her who left him drunk and alone to be with Gregory.

One good thing that happens is Artemis openly holding hands with Claudia in front of his parents. They look at him in shock, but he stands his ground.

After the service, Ares goes back to Stockholm and exclaims that he must not ruin his chance at a career in medicine. He tries to text Raquel but his courage fails him. Meanwhile, Vera tries to get in touch with him, and Ares ignores her.

Back in Spain, Raquel and Daniela discover that Yoshi emailed the manuscript to the publisher, who wants to proceed with Raquel’s book. This is when Gregory comes to visit her, and she refuses to see him.

She gets up and closes her bedroom window as the film ends on a cliffhanger, waiting to be resolved in the upcoming third part.

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