Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 2 recap & review: Staring at the Devil

The second episode of Mayor of Kingstown season 2 sees Mike taking desperate measures to stop the war outside the prison that is now killing innocent people. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


The chaos inside the prison hasn’t stopped due to the lack of leaders. The war inside affects the war outside. The only difference is that when it comes to the war outside, innocents die.

A house gets raided, and each and every person inside is murdered along with the gang members. Mike hears gunshots from the distance on his yacht. He gets called to the scene.

Before going there, Mike plans to make sure that Iris is somewhere safe. He brings her to Kyle, who isn’t pleased to see that Mike has brought a problem into their house, where his pregnant wife and their mother live.

Iris reluctantly has to stay here until Mike comes back after solving the mess that is taking place in the town.

Upon arriving at the crime scene, Mike witnesses dozens of bodies inside a house. People who have no part in the gang wars have also been killed.

Mike and Ian follow a blood trail and meet an injured gang member who reveals how rival gangs are targeting their families too. He claims that if they are going to start shooting in places like schools and churches, they are going to pay.

He further reveals how the rival gang killed his eight-year-old sister, though there weren’t any gang members at the scene.

Upon questioning who is behind these mass shootings, Mike finds out that no one ordered it. The gangs are acting all by themselves since there are no leaders inside the prison.

Mike then reaches out to Bunny and confronts him for letting this happen. Bunny says he didn’t order this; someone else is cooking things up. The guards inside the prison are to blame, as they are letting murders take place there.

Mikes comes up with an idea, but he needs Bunny to trust him. This idea is going to hurt Bunny a lot, but Mike is giving his word that he won’t have to hide on his rooftop once he gets this sorted.

Mike calls Evelyn and offers to give her the leaders of the four major gangs in Kingstown. He needs her to arrest them so that they can go inside the prison and reinstate a leadership structure.

Mike then gathers Kareem, Carney, and Sawyer at the location where the four gang leaders arrive. Followed by them, Evelyn comes along with the cops and Sawyer’s team.

Mike announces that they are placing all four of them under arrest until peace inside the prison is restored. Mike tries to turn away when the cops arrest Bunny, but Bunny insists that he watch.

Once the cops are done arresting them, Mike immediately heads back home, only to find out that Iris has escaped. She goes back to Milo, claiming that she has no home.

Meanwhile, Kyle continues to struggle at his new job as he is forced to team up with a careless partner. His partner, Morass, tries to stop a truck carrying a boat.

Morass doesn’t follow the procedure and gets shot in the head. Kyle is forced to kill the couple driving the boat. Kyle breaks down when he sees a baby, who is safe and sound, inside the truck.

Back at the prison, the inmates are shouting loudly, waiting for the arrival of their new prison mates. They all calm down the moment they see their leaders coming out of the bus.


Mayor of Kingstown is handling one problem at a time rather than mixing everything up, which should be appreciated. The second episode over here majorly focuses on restoring order inside the prison, with Milo’s story taking a backseat for now.

The show once again demonstrates why Kingstown is probably the last town one would like to live in, with how the gangs are orchestrating these mass shootings.

With the leaders inside now, it would be worth watching how Bunny and the gang leaders would function. Their fear can be felt once they enter the prison. Furthermore, Bunny doesn’t waste time establishing that the inmates are staring right at the devil.

Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 2
Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 2 recap & review: Staring at the Devil 1

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