President Michelle Travers: The Night Agent character explained

Towards the end of The Night Agent, President Michelle Travers becomes the second target of the conspiracy taking place at the White House. Kari Matchett plays President Travers in the show.

Vice President Ashley Redfield and the CEO of Turn Lake Industries, Gordon Wick, orchestrated the metro bombings in an attempt to assassinate Omar Zadar, the leader of PIF, and make everything look like a terror attack.

Redfield made this move against President Michelle Travers’ wishes. Omar Zadar is a threat to Wick’s business, and considering his past as a terrorist, Redfield feared that he would seize U.S. military equipment if he is allowed into the country.

President Travers didn’t listen, and this saw Redfield making moves voluntarily. Unfortunately, their mission failed miserably, and they had to bring the president’s chief of staff, Diane Farr, into this.

Diane Farr only agreed to cover this debacle up for President Travers because the uncovering of the truth behind the metro bombings would affect her position.

Farr and President Travers’ relationship

There is a sense of trust between Farr and President Travers that one can notice in the show. After every briefing during the case of Rose’s uncle and aunt, President Travers often preferred to talk to Farr personally.

Initially, Farr, during the meetings, heavily defended Peter as a loyal agent. President Travers believed in her. Things change when Peter figures out that Farr is also behind the conspiracy.

President Michelle Travers: The Night Agent character explained 1
President Travers questions Farr’s judgement

Farr suddenly started accusing her loyal agent of kidnapping Maddie Redfield. President Travers doubted how things changed in the spur of the moment. She questioned Farr’s judgment.

Farr deduces that Travers is having a hard time trusting her. She reminds Travers of their past. Apparently, their friendship goes back to their college days.

Farr backed Travers’ entire political career. She helped her get to the House, the Senate, and the presidency. She did everything for her only because she believed in Travers’ agenda for the country.

President Travers turns on Farr

Though President Travers says she trusts Farr, their relationship suffers after their last conversation. Travers plans to meet Omar Zadar, but she doesn’t invite Farr to the meeting.

When Redfield, who is present at the briefing of this meeting, questions why Farr is not here, President Travers says that she is thinking of a personnel change in the West Wing.

Redfield and Wick start realizing that Farr is no longer a utility if she can’t keep President Travers in check. Therefore, they lie to her about their original plan and target both President Travers and Omar Zadar as the investigation into the metro bombings reopens and Redfield’s name pops up.

Farr attempts to save Travers

With the help of Maddie, who overhears her father talking about taking the president down, Peter, Rose, and Arrington figure out that President Travers is also being targeted, apart from Zadar.

Peter and Rose confront Diane with the proof they found, which suggests she is behind the murders of Rose’s uncle and aunt. Farr learns from them about Wick and Redfield’s plan.

Farr comes clean, saying that no matter what happens, she will never hurt Travers. Wick and Redfield know this is where she draws the line. So they decided to move forward without her.

President Michelle Travers: The Night Agent character explained 2
President Travers offers Peter a new job

Farr helps Rose and Peter get inside Camp David, and they both save the president. Farr’s crimes are noted, and she will spend the rest of her life behind bars.

For saving her at Camp David, President Travers allows Peter to have anything he wants from her. He asks for the truth about his father, and President Travers shows him a video of his father confessing his crime.

President Travers also acknowledges Peter’s talents and offers him a promotion. She asks him to be a Night Agent, working on the other side of the phone at Night Action, a job Peter accepts.

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