Meet Cute (2022) ending explained: Do Sheila and Gary end up together?

Meet Cute is a romantic comedy, with a twist. It follows Sheila and Gary as they relive their first date with a time loop premise. The film is now streaming on Peacock.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Meet Cute is a romantic comedy that follows Sheila and Gary as they relive their first date multiple times. It starts off as a casual, unassuming conversation and develops further into a date as she offers to buy him a drink.

The scene is a bit surreal as she seems to anticipate his words, and also orders his drink of choice without any prompts. 

The situation becomes even more absurd as Sheila tells him she is a time traveller. He passes this off as a harmless flirt, not knowing she actually means it. 

She does not seem to want the night to end, and they soon part ways, and she assures him that they will meet the next day.

The next scene shows Sheila in a different outfit, but she gets hit by a car. The person driving the car turns out to be Sheila as well but in her earlier outfit.

It then comes to light that instead of just being stuck in a time loop, Sheila actually consciously chooses to go back and simply relive the same day all over again.

She chooses to continue reliving the same day forever, and this goes on for a while. Days, weeks and months pass by and they even have their one-year anniversary in this way.

Sheila slowly reveals her time travelling to Gary over the course of their dates, and her part of the story comes to the forefront.

It becomes clear that Sheila is not doing so well, and reliving this day is what keeps her going. The story of how she discovered the time machine is also revealed.

Before she found the time loop device and met him, she was planning on ending her life. She entered a nail salon wanting to give herself one last treat before planning to jump off the bridge to end her life.

But encountering the time machine gave her another chance to continue living, without actually doing so. She meets Gary, and because their first date goes so well, she does not want to take things further with the fear that it will not work out.

Her past relationship experiences and the trust issues she had developed because of them do not give her the hope to realise that things may be different this time around.

This is why she decides to stay and relive this one perfect day, so that she does not have to face or encounter any hardships later on, and can continue living on.

But after a year of reliving the same day, Sheila realises that things will have to change and she cannot stay stuck on the same day as it ends up getting monotonous and sends her down the same spiral of depression and sadness.

She decides to go back in time to change things about Gary that she doesn’t like as well, but this ends up making their relationship even more strained when she tells him what she has done, and how she altered his past.

It is here that she decides to stick to her original plan of killing herself, seeing no point in continuing this entire cycle further. 

Gary rushes to the nail salon and decides to use the time machine himself, and goes back to Sheila’s past. He returns back to the present and learns about Sheila’s plan to kill herself from June, and attempts to stop her.

Meet Cute ending explained in detail:

What is the story behind Gary and Sheila’s childhood?

Both Sheila and Gary had tumultuous childhoods, and they both go back in time to different points to understand and help change the course of things for the other.

Sheila wishes to change certain aspects of Gary’s personality and goes back to his childhood to reroute some of his emotional bases.

She learns about his unhappy childhood and school bullies and makes a few changes which she later regrets.

Gary also goes back to Sheila’s childhood and learns about her alcoholic father and distant mother. He attempts to help her too but soon returns back to the present after understanding her past.

Does Sheila die?

When Gary returns back to the present, he comes to know of her plan to kill herself and tries to stop her. He meets her at the bridge, minutes before she plans on jumping and tries to talk to her.

He convinces her to live another day, and give a new life a chance. He tells her that he is from the future and finally convinces her to not jump.

He walks away, hoping that she will not jump and promises to meet her the next day.

The next day comes, and Gary sees Sheila standing in the distance. She did not go through with her plan after all and survived.

Do Sheila and Gary end up together?

The ending is left ambiguous but raises hopes for a brighter future for the two of them. Sheila is uncertain about the future, but with Gary by her side, one can only hope that they will last. 

Either way, they will take things slowly and one day at a time, instead of simply being stuck in one day.

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